is a Deceptive Dating Website with Rascal Tricks and Twists screencap

Nautell works tirelessly to create new dating websites, but they don’t invest too much effort in inventing fresh tricks. They use the same old tricks and twists they’ve applied in the previous websites and FreeLifeTime is no different. If you expect something good to happen here, you’re terribly wrong. The site uses fake profiles, … Read more

How Fools Users by Sharing Its Revenues with Impersonators screencap

One can think that only hookup sites perform scams. But that is simply not true. It’s logical – serious people join these more conventional dating sites and they might be considered easier targets. On the other hand, they are more vigilant because they risk more, especially if the wanted relationship includes getting in front of the … Read more is Ripping You off with Fake Women Made by Computers screencap makes it all about wonderful hookups and fun among a potent dating community. Nice beaches on the front page, sexy people and cute pictures are good for the eye. But when they are not good for the pocket, they are not backed up in reality. Don’t waste your precious time here, because it’s full … Read more

Find Out How You Are Getting Jinxed by the Online Emissaries at screecnap works its way into your pants by using the standard method – fake women. In the case of they are called Online Emissaries. They have nothing to do with some religious association – don’t worry about it! In fact, they are totally the opposite of something honest or genuine, if that’s what you … Read more

Our Investigation of Shows Use of Fictitious Profiles screencap

How it is that you are going to find out about the easiest way to avoid online dating scams? Look for the use of fictitious profiles. They can be applied under many different names, so, you still need some experience to be able to navigate the muddy waters of adult dating websites with success. has them … Read more is a False Site Redirecting to screencap

Website redirects are getting more popular. Regardless of the mechanism of the redirection, the fraud is nevertheless the same. Sometimes, the fraudsters just work as partners, and sometimes, the main company is pulling off the same scam in multiple ways. In the case of, it seems that the site has partnered with deceitful partners who are … Read more Uses Copied Fake Photos to Create Fake Profiles screencap

If there is any definitive proof that a site uses a fraud to seduce users into a subscription, that is reverse image search. It works perfectly on to expose it for what it really is – just a collection of non-authentic members with pictures either “borrowed” from other dating sites or from stock photos to … Read more Sets You up for Dating Failure by Using Fake Interaction Boosters screencap

Have you seen the workings on Nelfor? Or the similar partner companies that use the same tactics? Well, here they are again on, but under the guise of some of the other companies. At least they do recognize that they are working on a network of websites and that you may crop up on some … Read more

This Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Will Keep Your Money Safe screencap is a commercial dating platform for meeting older women. Our review didn’t justify the good-looking interface and the solid technical organization. The hookup site has very suspicious looking profiles which can be related to the marketing communications strategy. On top of everything, they sell many additional paid services that will not do any good … Read more Fools Users with Fabricated Profiles is abusing the stellar success of Instagram by putting a similar name to its domain. This is one of the well-known faulty methods of bogus hookup sites. is not any different. But if you hope that you will find instant hookup dates on this site, you are wrong. It is full of virtual … Read more