Find Out How You Are Getting Jinxed by the Online Emissaries at works its way into your pants by using the standard method – fake women. In the case of they are called Online Emissaries. They have nothing to do with some religious association – don’t worry about it! In fact, they are totally the opposite of something honest or genuine, if that’s what you associate religions with. If you don’t think the allegory fits, you won’t be able to get to the grip of the scam at This is the presentation to help you stay away.


The XXX scam is not original – it’s more than once that we are seeing those three letters in front of other sexy words. For example, a recent review of Adult Dating Patrol included, and previously we have reviewed or They have a lot in common, so if you expect anything original, you are not in the right place. For those, they haven’t seen the related scams so far, you’ll need to read more below.

Why is a Huge Casual Sex Jinx

Here are the main deceitful methods of

Five Key Facts About the Online Emissaries

  1. The fake profiles act as marketing monitoring tools for user behavior. They collect user data and sell commercial offers later.
  2. Fake photos are uploaded to each fake profile. This is how they make the fake member database work.
  3. Your communication is not private but it’s monitored full-time. The Online Emissaries have the task to record all interactions.
  4. Online Emissaries use text-based commercial communication. The messages they send are created by computers, not by real women or real humans.
  5. You get no security guarantees, despite the monitoring. The only purpose of the Emissaries on is for the use of the main site.

Online Emissaries on Manage Multiple Profiles

The girls you see are not real and the people who manage them work on multiple profiles at once. By the way, this is not a heterosexual or a monogamous site. So, why are there only fake profiles of ladies? Because men are an easier prey to these scams and because this is not a real site!

Infringement Costs Can Amount Up to $150,000

I’ve never seen any site that imposes so expensive or burdensome damages costs to members. This is an outrageous amount! I doubt that many readers see it though because they don’t really think it’s possible that these numbers exist!

Price Tag

The cost is more than 42$ per month but you won’t be able to see that immediately since it is charged as a hidden cost.

Busted or Trusted?

XXXConnect is busted and combusted. Watch your step as you explore this site and make notes of all that you discover. It will help you on similar websites or all those that are related to the XXX repetitive scam. Good luck in avoiding all traps along the way!

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