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Most dating sites don’t mention a girlfriend experience but is exactly the opposite. If you want a full package or the “GFE” – the “girlfriend experience” from an escort site, then this should be your preferred choice. Though I don’t really see how they can make a difference because today’s dating lines are quite … Read more Review Review screenshot

From the resources of Dirk Hopper, here comes another escort site which is just about any average online escort service page. The website includes a directory for solo contractors, links to some of the most famous big-city escort agencies, a blog, a forum and a cleverly disguised link to the webcam site i-Stripper. Read more … Read more

Eros Review

Eros review

Eros is a well-known escort site operating mostly on US locations and that makes it even riskier. For one thing, it’s a charade that plays games with its users by distributing various content that just creates confusion. There are plenty of different links on that website and you can never tell whether you’ll step on … Read more

Only a Few Real Profiles in the Ocean of Fake Photos on screencap

Though we cannot claim with 100 percent surety that is a peachy dating site, we have a strong hunch that we are dealing with a dishonest dating site. Usually, sites that ask for premium subscriptions without offering anything in return apply fraudulent practices. This is our main argument to revoke our trust in this … Read more

We’ve Uncovered the Crooked Ways of with Fake Images screencap

Dating Factory is fabricating some nasty scams, never admitting that it applies dishonest practices to its hookup websites. You have to know to read between the lines to be able to disguise them for what they are. They do give subtle hints, though, even if you read only the Terms and Conditions, but if you … Read more Uses Fantasy Profiles to Create Make-Believe Women screencap1

It doesn’t take a long time to reveal the deceptive ways website networks use to spread their preying claws to innocent new members. After you’ve been collecting experience on rip-off dating sites, the first two or three minutes are usually enough. But if you are a young hookup blood, it’s easy to get duped such … Read more Scam Review: How Not Everything is About Looks; Something is About Money, Too! screencap

“Find your Ukrainian beauty”! – that’s the promise of Well, for sure, it’s easier to pull off a scam with fake pictures and profiles when you mention the real people they represent are gorgeous. In this case. you will have to be super wary to avoid one of the staff profiles to keep entertaining you … Read more

Watch These Babes on and Tell Us How Real They Seem to You?

Not all people are looking for casual dates. Many daters among those who search for the best sex go online and like to get into long-term relationships. It’s not unusual for Western or Eastern European size to target these users. You’ve probably seen many Russian or Ukrainian beautiful girls populating such sites, promising, if not … Read more

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Somehow there are legitimate reasons to believe that HookupDepot is more of a dump then a depot. While carefully investigating the clear invitation for all types of sexual preferences  and orientations we’ve come up to conclusion that this is just a bait. If you have a look at the profiles that are put on the … Read more