Our Investigation of HousewifeWanted.com Shows Use of Fictitious Profiles

How it is that you are going to find out about the easiest way to avoid online dating scams? Look for the use of fictitious profiles. They can be applied under many different names, so, you still need some experience to be able to navigate the muddy waters of adult dating websites with success. HOusewifeWanted.com has them and they are called Cupid, being marked with the letter “C”.

Authenticity of HousewifeWanted.com

How can we speak of genuine memberships when there are fake messaging and fake women? That’s right, we can’t! If you have a knack for housewives because you like older women or because you like to have a short affair with someone who is married and likes some adventure, this is not the place where you are going to find it. We suggest trying and testing other places such as Milfplay.com or Fling.com, hookup sites with genuine people and effective dating policies.

Why is HousewifeWanted.com a Deceptive Hookup App

Why are you not getting laid on HousewifeWanted.com? This is why:

Company-created Cupid Profiles Make a Mess on HousewifeWanted.com

What exactly do we mean by mess? Well, there are several key reasons why HousewifeWanted.com engages in faulty methods to make a mess with the user’s minds and pockets. For example, using multiple photos for one profile or using the same photo for multiple profiles. They create the Cupids for entertainment purposes and there is no opportunity of meeting them. You’ve got to be pretty clear about that.


Cupids Send Icebreakers and Use Gifts to Entice Payments

This is how the fake communication starts.You need to stay aware that the Cupids will approach you first and start seducing you. They send all types of sexy messages, and some are downright direct – they don’t spend too much time on courtesy. Normally, this straightforward approach strikes while it is hot. Users get hooked and get into the game sooner than expected.

HousewifeWanted terms

You Need to Register and Pay for Replying to Fake Chats

Then, you will try to send a response to the fictive profiles. Even if you do this for entertainment, you won’t miss the lying methods of HousewifeWanted.com – it is all too much obvious when you try to press enter on that response, and, instead of a successful delivery, you get a prompt all over the screen that requires an upgrade!

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Promotional Offers Are Misleading and Pressure Users Into Upgrades

From time to time, you may get lucky with being awarded a promotional offer. However, you don’t get to keep it forever – it is only a nasty trick so that you get into the misleading game too deep until it is too late to go back!

Price Tag

  • $29.95 to get a 1-month subscription
  • $14.95 to get a 3-month subscription
  • $95.40 to get a 1-year subscription
  • $199.95 to get a lifetime subscription

Busted or Trusted?

You won’t realize your dreams of getting laid with an experienced housewife on this dating platform. Under the circumstances, it is best that you don’t download the hookup app at all, but do your experimenting with the desktop version. Then, you will know that HousewifeWanted will not get you exciting casual dates or one-night-stands.

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