Top 10 False Free Flags in the Casual Hookup Industry

Free-of-charge services are an age-old method to trick new customers. “Give a little, take a little” is a convenient way to create a large army of followers. This is the practice of “false free flags”. However, that is only true if the services the company provides are genuine. When the hookup apps are a part … Read more is a Deceptive Dating Website with Rascal Tricks and Twists screencap

Nautell works tirelessly to create new dating websites, but they don’t invest too much effort in inventing fresh tricks. They use the same old tricks and twists they’ve applied in the previous websites and FreeLifeTime is no different. If you expect something good to happen here, you’re terribly wrong. The site uses fake profiles, … Read more is the Worst Adult Dating Scam! screencap

It’s “long-time-no-see” for our frenemies Nautell. It’s been a while since we’ve met with their network of countless fake websites that use fake profiles called Love Stars Did you miss the infamous abbreviation “LS”? Neither did we. But now they are back, with a vengeance – they use the same methods as before. This newest … Read more is Not Free: Hidden Costs Scam Exposed screencap

Let’s go and examine the story of to find out why you will pay more than you expect. This is one of the worst scams that exist on the web because, under the claim of free use, the site is making you pay more than you’ve bargained for, especially if you are not careful … Read more Reviews Aren’t Great screencap is a dating service with nice and sexy pictures. Yet, it’s nowhere near as safe as you would expect it to be. Don’t be surprised if many of your hookup nightmares become real on this fraudulent hookup site. A large number of users on get fooled for the same reasons. The naked pictures … Read more

Scam Review: Trades You Off With A Network of Websites links to, which means it is under the umbrella of the Nautell websites. If you know a thing or two about Nautell, then you know what to expect. Knowing something about life will help you not believe sites that promise free subscriptions for good! With a catchy name like that, I bet many people … Read more And Its (Almost) Invisible Association With the “Free Lifetime Membership” Network screencap

Although it’s not Nautell that coked yet another scam for us, it might be as well be a subsidiary of the same one. is a site by the company that works with false women profiles called Love Stars. It produces hundreds of deceitful sites with the “Free Lifetime Membership” offer that is totally fake. … Read more

Why Do We Know You Need To Steer Clear From Boneamilf.Com? screencap

It has been a while since we have met with our friends “freelifetime” hookup websites. This site doesn’t do anything else than what they usually do. A very sexy blonde with extensions in her hair seductively stares at the screen and starts undressing, showing her breasts.That’s happening on the registration screen of Some may … Read more

Can You Get Laid for Free of Only in Your Dreams!

How are things in the online dating world – what’ s going on? If you expected some exciting news I’m sorry I’ll have to disappoint you. The “free false flags” franchise stopped using the word free in front of the dating website. It now uses a permutation of the words – you basically get the … Read more Uses Checked Subscription Boxes for Hidden Charges screencap

We expose the latest “free lifetime” members of the group of to fake hookup sites. is a completely illegitimate hookup site but is almost a full-blown copy of all other sites on the Nautell network that carry very similar names, including,, and They have the same front page with an image of a … Read more