Companion Escort Moscow Review: Solo Russian Escorts

Companion Escort Moscow Review screenshot

Sometimes, independent escort models have their own websites. Even if they are associated with escort directories, they run an independent business. That’s the example with this girl, Natasha. Natasha also calls herself Nata. That’s her escort name on the website. Therefore, I can’t really confirm if she is genuinely Natasha. It seems that Natasha is … Read more

Escorts in Prague Review: Czech Dating Scams

Escorts in Prague review screenshot

This is not the first time I’m reporting about escort sites located in Prague, the Czech Republic. I actually covered a similar site called which you might be familiar with. If not, don’t go just yet, read this first. You need to know about the Escorts In Prague website and why I suggest avoiding it. … Read more

Eternity Girls Review: How to Stay Safe with 24/7 London Call Girls

Eternity Girls Review screenshot

Eternity Girls is supposedly a fun UK website for escort services which looks like it has uploaded the page from a nightclub. All those flashing lights and sexy tags give the impression of a stripper’s club. I’m sure you don’t have anything against strip clubs but I’m sure you’re not in favor of paying expensive … Read more

Canary Wharf Erotic Review

This website is the most luxurious of all my reviews I’ve done in the last couple of months. It’s about erotic massages in Canary Wharf, one of the top business centers in the world. It’s in a liberal area in the UK in central London where escort services are partially allowed. Some escort agencies, such … Read more

Hardy’s Angels Review

Hardy’s Angels Review

There isn’t much to tell about Bournemouth, apart for being a seaside resort the sound of the United Kingdom we should say most for its bars, sunny beaches, and exciting nightlife. We’ve already talked about the appealing escort life in the United Kingdom and its liberal dating policies. London has been a part of this … Read more

100 Escorts Review: Bargain Escorts in London’s Whereabouts

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Thanks to the cool London vibe about escort services, agencies in the UK capital proliferate like mushrooms after the rain. Just make one search on the internet and you find thousands of websites about individual escorts. However, girls working alone is only one side of the story. There are plenty of escort agencies who do … Read more

Tryst.Link Review: Assembly Four Escort Site You Should Avoid

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Tryst.Link is an independent service which puts escorts first. As the three founders say, they’ve created the site to cater to the needs of sex workers. They aim at ethical independent advertising for all types of escorts. Promising fair pricing for male and female escorts, Tryst.Link is quite libertarian and dedicated to paid sex providers. … Read more