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Erotic Monkey has some reputation among members of online escort directories. I’m not sure why since it’s one of the most restricted and pricier escort sites. I guess some people really don’t like trying their luck with free hookup apps and prefer paying to get laid. Why – it beats me! If you are looking into becoming a member of this escort site, you might want to consider that decision in view of this review. I’ll explain why it’s ludicrously expensive, as well as how to find free hookup resources and stop hiring call girls.

Up for Rip-off Sex On

Most escort sites base their memberships on free subscriptions. But – not Erotic Monkey! In fact, they resemble fake adult dating sites in a sense they use the freemium model. Though I don’t see what you get for free! Just empty clicks, no access to the real, juicy stuff! For this service, you must pay the basic monthly or annual subscription to join most of the services. On top of that, you pay the relevant girl fee, of course, not to mention the additional charges if you go for the linked services. Such escort directories are bankruptcy waiting to happen!

No One Picks Up the Phone?

I usually run the tour on the sites I review by taking the user perspective. This means that I try to see what the user experience would look like. So, you won’t need to waste time, right! Naturally, on Erotic Monkey, this includes trying to reach out to a call girl and seeing what happens. And this is where the first issue popped out – I couldn’t get to the model, because most of them don’t even pick up the phone! I doubt that these are real profiles. I have no proof of that, but knowing how fake hookup sites operate, I have reasonable suspicions to believe that! Massage Virtual Parlors

Totally different rules apply to the “massage service” link. Don’t let the name sway you. Usually, the girls just choose these nicknames to befuddle the things they and cross you with what you can get. Escort agencies also use these tactics as a cover-up for suspicious activities. So, avoid muddled waters because you can’t have big problems, even serious legal consequences. Why would you do that, when today, it’s so easy to find free hookups?

Paid Forums for Premium Members Only

I tried asking a question or reading a topic on the Erotic Monkey forum. Guess what? It failed! I couldn’t get access to the service because the flashy premium screen showed up in my face. I had to update to use the forum! This is a novelty in rip-off tactics! Most escort sites use forums as baits. But – not Erotic Monkey! It charges for joining a meager social network!  

Paid Reviews for Premium Members Only

Erotic Monkey review reading

I did the same with the reviews. I tried reading the user reviews for this particular girl in Atlanta called Kayla. Kayla’s pics seemed legit so I wanted to see what others say. But, again, I wasn’t allowed to read her user testimonials. I had to pay the premium rate!

Links to

I have the impression that this site is just an subsidiary, offering the same for way more money! The links to escort services lead to Eros. Try it out for yourself!

How Much Does Escort Monkey Cost?

Erotic Monkey girls rates


  • Incall rate for 30 minutes is $200
  • Incall rate for 60 minutes is $380
  • Outcall rate for 30 minutes is $250
  • Outcall rate for 60 minutes is $430


  • Monthly rate is $29.95
  • Annual rate is $279.95

Erotic Monkey Infographic

Infographic Erotic Monkey


This is one of the most expensive sites I’ve met with, especially if I include all types of services and all links. I ask you the same question all over again: When do you think you will stop to pay for sex? It’s the conventional way which doesn’t work in today’s world of changed social norms and modern ways of meeting new people. Go full free here!

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  1. I want to add not one of the women on that shit site were even aware our profiles were stolen by EM but worse, they hold our profiles hostage, even if it’s life or death. These asswipes are the worst of the shit, they are preditors feeding on us. Fuck erotic monkey, I curse every human who takes part in their actions. Shame on you ass holes, fuck fuck fuck you


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