What Can You Expect on LoveSwans.com and Is This Site Any Different to Other Serious Hookup Sites?

Once in a while, we review dating sites that seem to promise a bit more than a hookup. But, that can be an even greater argument to suspect their integrity as many use the Russian bride tricks to keep you hooked while providing nothing. If you are an avid follower, you know of similar sites we have reviewed. For instance, VictoriaHearts.com, VictoriaBrides.com or AnastasiaDate.com. All of them are created with the purpose of a possible long-term matching. Therefore, people fall for the scam and are happy to pay, without thinking twice. But, what actually happens on this service called LoveSwans.com?

Why is LoveSwans.com a Fake Hookup App?

Let’s start with the “Terms and Conditions”, which typically include every small detail that is important for differentiating a fake from a real website. if you haven’t read these provisions yet, and you’ve submitted a credit card, you’ll have a worse mess to sort out. But if you are still exploring, there is a chance for you to retain your money.

Introducers  – Fake Profiles that Send Incentives

This is a fresh name for the entertainment profiles, which, on other hookup sites, carry names like love stars, fantasy profiles, fantasy cupids, flirts, and other variations of the same sexy female vibe. On LoveSwans.com, those profiles are called Introducers – intermediaries between you and the women. But – just read what this provision says. The impersonators may use incentives to copycat real profiles and instigate further effort from the users. By “further effort” we mean a string of messages that end up in paying for expensive credits.

Icebreakers by Validated Members – Hidden Way to Send Deceitful Messages

So, how do you know who is a validated member? This looks like a pretty sneaky tactic to put some members before others, or even worse, to support the Introducers. A secret algorithm for finding the validated members doesn’t seem credible. If the validated member doesn’t choose the member to send the message, it all sounds a bit tricky and incredible to produce any valid, real hookup results.

Be Careful: Different Rules Apply to Partner Sites

Apart from the fake profiles that send fake messages, LoveSwans.com can pose new risks with the affiliate program that uses totally different rules to those applied to the website. Now, you have to be ready for receiving electronic communications, but you have to accept a full personal responsibility about how you interact with the various services that may not be connected to LoveSwans.com at all.

Price Tag

  • $1.99 per month for 15 credits.
  • $19.99 per month for 50 credits.
  • $44.99 per month for 125 credits plus 50 extra credits.
  • $99.00 per month for 350 credits plus 125 extra credits.
  • $199.00 per month for 750 credits.

Busted or Trusted?

Don’t fall for these “meet Russian women” websites because they usually include a convoluted system of fake profiles and computer-generated messages. Credits can create extra problems by charging you high fees for short periods and having no idea how much you’ve spent. It’s recommended you stick to a genuine dating service that has no sign of fraudulent methods.

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