Companion Escort Moscow Review: Solo Russian Escorts

Sometimes, independent escort models have their own websites. Even if they are associated with escort directories, they run an independent business. That’s the example with this girl, Natasha. Natasha also calls herself Nata. That’s her escort name on the website.

Therefore, I can’t really confirm if she is genuinely Natasha. It seems that Natasha is available for escorting your around Moscow and providing a girlfriend experience. Even if you don’t think that a number of dangers lurk from solo escort websites, that’s not always the truth. Let’s find out more about what to expect in this Companion Escort Moscow review.

The Moscow Escort Site Review (Everything I Know)

One thing is definite: Natasha is not a shy girl. She doesn’t use the typical system most escort agencies use. If you have a look at the other ADP escort site reviews, you’ll notice that most of them protect the girls’ identities somehow. Or, they just use blurred photos to trick customers! They hire one girl and end up with a completely different one! Now, Natasha poses with her full face exposed. She also shows her body, including pretty explicit pictures!

I guess that’s a great hook for customers. At least they will know how far is Natasha ready to go if they decide to hire her. But Natasha is also explicit about what she does in the “About Me” section. Are there any Companion Escort Moscow reviews? Nope!

Fake or Real Pics? Here’s the Verdict!

Now, I wouldn’t base my opinion about escort services on website info only. That’s where most scams and frauds happen. What I can tell you for sure is that hiring Natasha will cost you a lot. She is expensive. But many fall for this and are willing to pay thousands for dating an attractive blonde.

Why Avoid Escort Sites, Including Companion Escort Servicing Moscow

As you are aware, I’m not the biggest fan of escort websites because they proliferate fake ads, fake profiles, and fake classifieds. People hook up thinking they contact legit personal ads or free hookups. In fact, they later learn they have been robbed with various memberships, commission fees, advances or other faulty money extortion methods.

Companion Escort Moscow Review partners

Casual dating sites, on the other hand, cost nothing and they are full of attractive blond girls. It’s possible to find cute blondes, even if you are looking for that particular “Russian” type! Review: Partners

Natasha may be flying solo but only on this website. She has links to dozens of most famous escort agencies. Links about the whole range of networks, directories and agencies are  Natasha’s website. At least she is open about this. You can see that I’ve reviewed many of her partners in previous escort site reviews.

Natasha’s Rates

  • 50 EUR for 2 hours or 10.000 rubles
  • 450 EUR for all night or 30.000 rubles
  • 600 EUR for 24 hours or 43.000 rubles


Does it look like Natasha is on the cheap side? It sure does, if you compare her services to the pricey European escort agencies (like this one in Paris) that operate in exclusive resorts. But not so if you consider dating for free. What will your choice be? Do you risk getting burned out just for the sake of dating a hot blond chick for one night? Finally, think of dating alternatives. You don’t me repeating that all the time, do you?

Assuming your answer to the question above is no, then start over here and you’ll find what you’re looking for – trust me.

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