All Venntro Media Websites Are Scams? Check Out! screencap

A number of dating sites for seniors created by Venntro Media Group are messing with our efforts to find a decent dating site for senior people, wherever they are, regardless of how old they are and no matter what their sexual preferences are. But typically niche hookup site companies apply the same method on a … Read more Works with Virtual Items and Test Profiles screencap

The workings of are immediately obvious to those who read documents on the site. They state that they use test profiles and that they sell virtual items that are non-refundable. Not a good sign right from the start, but let’s see what else is there on this casual sex scam service. Authenticity It’s all good … Read more Ratings & Why It’s Not a Top Pick of Adult Dating Users screencap is a hookup site for mixed relationships. You can sign up using the registration screen or use Facebook. Facebook is convenient for matching friends and borrowing from your friends network so that cater to their website.You also need to know that there are connected to the company which is just an umbrella … Read more is Mega-Scamming You By Fake Content and Virtual Profiles screencap has all that is needed for a classic scam to trick users into fake subscriptions. Nothing more, nothing less. There are the computer-generated messages that come from the same profiles. You don’t need many options to get fooled when there are virtual profiles. That’s all it takes. Let’s find out what is really going on. … Read more

Long Way to Finding Dates on, But Watch Your “Credit Score” screencap

Exotic dating websites can provide a really raw deal for users who like to meet nice looking girls and exotic beauties from far away. They look really attractive and they’re a nice catch for anyone who wants to expand the boundaries of their dating experience. When they come from countries with some exotic origin, the treats … Read more

Solid Evidence Why Is Bad For Your Adult Dating Track Record screencap

Black dating is a specific niche with many amazing hookup opportunities, but only if are dealing with a decent sex dating provider. is not a real hookup site, despite the fact that it looks representative, authoritative and well-designed. That ebony cutie looks really promising, but the avenues you will go with the fraud at … Read more Copies Your Profile Across The Hookup Sites Network screencap

Just when we thought that we are done with Match One, here comes another adult dating scam prepared by the same company. This time, it has a really sexy name – However, we doubt that you will be seeing many sexy angels here. For sure, there are more devils than angels on this false hookup … Read more

Don’t Let Play You Out With Hidden Charges screencap, shortly stated is a Nautell site and works its scammy ways in the usual way of this long-standing company for false adult personals. It is not a one-night stand you are going to get with the offer on here. But you will definitely get a hidden cost charged on your account when you enter … Read more

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If people read books as much as they are trying to get laid online, the world would have been full of academics but also more boring. Today’s review on the agenda is for an another type of book, and not about the one from the library. It is called So many fake hookup sites … Read more

The Pros & Cons of Let’s Find Out the Ratio screencap

This review of the meeting site was planned to go to the good hookup site batch but the predictions didn’t turn exactly as I intended. Even from the registration itself, I found out that this adult dating site uses fake profiles called Fantasy Milfs. They mess up many of the good aspects of the … Read more