All Venntro Media Websites Are Scams? Check Out!

A number of dating sites for seniors created by Venntro Media Group are messing with our efforts to find a decent dating site for senior people, wherever they are, regardless of how old they are and no matter what their sexual preferences are. But typically niche hookup site companies apply the same method on a number of websites, attracting more and more naive users while messing up with their memberships and their privacy. Venntro media group is typically associated with sites in the United Kingdom, but they also operate on other locations. That’s the case with today’s investigation example,

Why is a Copycat Dating Scam

One of the biggest factors for doubting whether a site has genuine intentions is if there are promises of real dating and privacy protection mechanisms. Well, both mechanisms on are not as they should be. Let’s elaborate further about the problems you can get with some of the features on

For instance, the fact that they sell memberships and virtual gifts are two very important ones. Those virtual gifts have different names, such as credits or bolt-ons and they’re on several places, mentioned as special privileges for premium members, when, in fact, they’re just intelligent money extorting tricks.

Fake Profiles for Entertainment Only

You know that all websites that belong to the Venntro Media group mention they created the service only for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get any hookup guarantee,  matching filters or find nearby available dates. You won’t get anything that resembles a real-life experience. If you read the Terms and Conditions you’ll notice the non-existence of real profiles. Those documents contain concrete data that doesn’t give any security or privacy assurance. You need to keep your own back.

Endangered Privacy and Unlimited Profile Sharing

Another very big problem with is the limited privacy settings. If you pay a bit more attention to our reviews, you’ll notice that the same company runs dozens of websites, among which are the following scams that are known under the name White Label Dating:,,,,,, and so forth.

Naturally, that information that you provide on one dating site will be spread across the network on all the others. You have no assurance that you’ll get protection. You should be ready to disclose many aspects of your privacy and keep them into the open without the chance of getting them back ever.

Price Tag

  • 6-month subscription is £74.69 a month.
  • 3-month subscription is £45.94 a month.
  • 1-month subscription is £22.94 a month.
  • 1-year subscription is £103.44 a month.

Busted or Trusted? offers nothing. If you are looking to expand your mature dating prospects, in particular in the UK, it’s best if you look for your dates elsewhere. You’ll need to pay a lot here but get zero in return. We have previously warned you about the shenanigans of Venntro Media Group. This is just another proof in the bin that they are huge fraudsters.

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