Do Not Shortlist to Find Casual Sex Dates

If people read books as much as they are trying to get laid online, the world would have been full of academics but also more boring. Today’s review on the agenda is for an another type of book, and not about the one from the library. It is called So many fake hookup sites have used the word ‘book’ in their title that I am getting slightly paranoid whenever I see a new one. It didn’t take ages to conclude that this is one of the biggest meeting sites scam because the landing page was very familiar.


The screen with over a hundred cute girls next to each other that resemble profiles is attractive, that I must admit. It is not hard to go into horniness frenzy and start fantasizing about the ultimate sex dates that can happen once you give it a go. A cute face, a sexy smile and a tight body are real aphrodisiacs and the easiest way to drop off your guard with your credit card. These deceptive adult personal businesses know that and use it to the maximum to gain new subscribers. However, the Nautell network is one of the specialist sex dating companies that will make you wonder if someone can ever pull the plug on the scams. With they do it again.

Why is a Fake Adult Dating Website is performed in the standard way of scamming people introduced by Nautell. Actually, they have several variants of the same system and they exchange few of the methods, the front screens and the charges to avoid suspicion for first-timers or anyone inexperienced. In general, it consists of a couple of fake features that enable a full-blown scam:

  • UltarSexBook will cajole you to subscribe by using fabricated profiles called Love Stars.

The key moment about the fake profiles is that almost the entire database is full of them, and it is very unlikely that you will find a real hookup date here. How about the fact that you are only getting female profiles with the mark LS when you join, and the fact that the site itself is marketed with female profiles? It is for both men and women, right? Well, why aren’t there any men for the ladies? It is because is a classic scam with virtual bots that are after your money and will not provide any opportunity for casual sex.

UltraSexBook love stars

  • The Love Stars start sending automated messages to copy real conversations.

You must be aware that the messages you are getting on are not real. They start flooding your inbox when you join. Most of them sound very superficial and don’t resemble real human conversations. If you keep your inbox quiet for a few days, you will see plenty of new messages using the similar texts, catches and tricks to get you play the game that leads nowhere.

UltraSexBook messages

  • will sell you extra services in a hidden, insidious way.

One of the most rotten methods applied ever on hookup sites relates to check-marked boxes. Typically, the main screen includes one type of the subscription (usually the main service) at the center of the screen. If you are not very meticulous you won’t notice that if you scroll down the main screen from the top to the bottom down, you will see a minuscule small-print which includes pre-checked additional services that cost about the same as the main one, and that accumulate to over a hundred dollars per month for the whole package. This totally uncool method is the specialty of this network.

Price Tag

  • 1-Month membership to main services is $49.95
  • 1-Month membership to the added service Vibe Video is $39.61
  • 1-Month membership to added service Video Erotic is $28.87

(Attention: Watch out for the $2.97 trial which is renewed for the full monthly amount).

Busted or Trusted?

I will list some of the other scams for adult personals performed by Nautell network so that you have no doubts that you are dealing with fraudulent services. Have a look at the list of our other reviews: and many others.

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