What’s Behind NaughtyMatureFlirts.com Will Surprise and Shock You

What takes for Festivus Media to stop its scamming shenanigans? Who knows, because obviously poor peer reviews from multiple resources don’t seem to do the trick! In fact, NaughtyMatureFlirts.com is just a new name for a very old scam about senior dating, milfs and cupids. Watch out – you are about to be ripped off by serious credit amounts!


The credits on NaughtyMatureFlirts.com are not original at all. You are not getting anywhere with them even if you buy the priciest deal since the site takes the liberty to use virtual profiles and spread that information on multiple places on the website.

Why is NaughtyMatureFlirts.com a Deceptive Hookup Site

Here are the top three reasons, which doesn’t mean there aren’t any new!

1.You must buy credits for using the site. 

NaughtyMatureFlirts.com is one of those commercial dating sites that work with credits. The credits subscription typically complicate usage even further. If you go through the regulations, you’ll see that there are situations in which you can lose your credits even when you have lawfully bought them and haven’t used them!

2. False profiles for entertainment purposes.

This hookup site is one of the most annoying and pervasive sites for filling in your inbox with fake messages. You won’t have to wait for five minutes and you’ll already get so lucky that five women want to have you laid even when you don’t put a photo or buy a few credits. This tactic is usually a sure way to tell that you are dealing with a big fraud.

3. Creating profiles and sending messages.

On one hand, NaughtyMatureFlirts.com says it will do whatever it can to keep fictitious profiles created by others away from the site. On the other, it creates fake profiles and messages itself. Talking about double standards!

Price Tag

  • 8 credits are £7.99
  • 25 credits are £22.49
  • 50 credits are £39.99
  • 100 credits are £79.99
  • 300 credits are £219.99

Busted or Trusted?

Festivus Media regularly makes their sites for specific niches. Milfs and mature women are their specialties. We expect to see more of these in the near future, as it seems that our frenemies are into action again, finding new and creative ways to take your money.

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