45PlusContact.com: The Perfect Scam for People Over 45 – Watch Out!

It’s very simple to make a site that’s dedicated to a specific target audience and then just find a way to rip off its users. 45PlusContact.com is a senior dating scam, looking to attract mature women and men. People are even more attracted to sites such as this one as they think they’ll have greater chances to find what they need. It’s a simple trick, but it works all the time. Let’s find out more about how is the company that created this hookup scam fooling thousands of users worldwide.

Why is 45PlusContact.com a Fictive Dating Site?

The first reason to distrust this site is the association with Festivus Media. We’ve witnessed so many times before the scam by Festivus Media. It’s so typical, it’s becoming a bit boring. However, some people meet it for the first time. It’s just fair to tell them the truth in the early stages to help them avoid getting stuck deeper in the mud. Around 20 other sites on Adult Dating Patrol explain the same problematic scenario. Choose to read whichever you want. You can’t go wrong because they’re all the same.

45PlusContact.com is Full of Fictitious Profiles

This notice about the fictitious profiles pops up in the screen even before you get a chance to decently explore what the site offers. As you can see, it’s pretty direct. The member’s area is populated with fictitious profiles. You must be aware of them to be able to use the site. This short prompt is later explained in depth in the “Terms and Conditions”. For some people, though, it’s quite enough to read this and understand the red alert associated with it. Sites that use fake profiles usually don’t have any real women and must create an illusion. Otherwise, no one would have become a member – ever!

Only for Entertainment Purposes, Getting Laid is a Tough Job, Fake Chats

The site is only for encouraging conversations between members. But is this in line with the user expectations? Naturally – no! All of them come with the idea to get laid. There are plenty of other channels to have fun only, and they don’t come at an expensive price. The fictive girls send fake chat messages and pester users to get a subscription. If you read the following paragraph, you’ll get the idea. 45PlusContact.com has exclusive control over the content the girls send. We wonder if anything related to this site has a touch of reality?

But of Course – Owned by Festivus Media!

Things become a lot more clear now. The site is owned by Festivus Media, a well-known scamming company that sells credit-based subscriptions. You must purchase credit packages to enable the chat option. Why would you do that on a site full of fake profiles?

Use Your Credits in 12 Months od Lose Them

An additional problem with the credits is that they expire. So, if you buy a package now and don’t get laid immediately, you can lose your money in a year, even if you haven’t spent all of them productively. You see – 45PlusContact.com is keeping you glued to the screen with pricey credits without providing any real hookup opportunities.

Price Tag

  • 8 credits are AUD 13,92
  • 25 credits are AUD 42,49
  • 50 credits are AUD 79,95
  • 100 credits are AUD 154,95
  • 300 credits are AUD 437,95

Busted or Trusted?

We sincerely hope that if you are over 45 you have some experience in online dating scams. But – in fact, quite the opposite can be true. Many seniors don’t spend as much time online. Therefore, they become an easier prey for fraudulent dating companies that use unscrupulous monetization methods. However, even seniors are starting to stay afoot of the tech chnanges and don’t fall for such insidious scams so easily.

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