Is There Any Chance to Find a Casual Cougar Date on See for Yourself! is a senior dating scam that is dedicated to the French audience. People who don’t speak French have more chances to get fooled because they won’t understand a bit if they get a membership. But thanks to Google Translate, nowadays we can translate almost anything. That doesn’t mean that the translation is perfect though and that you can be sure what is happening on  if you don’t have a friend who speaks French to translate the content to you, you stand no chance of finding all tiny details.

Why us a Suspicious Dating Website

We are trying to help you in the best possible way with your activity around, but take no guarantees – these adult dating sites create problems even when they are in plain English, not to mention what sort of trouble they can think of when you don’t understand the communication.

Here the three or four most common problematic aspects of dating sites we have found on, regardless of the language they use:

Personalized and Promotional Messages

The system of personalized, promotional or custom messages is a way to engage users by giving some discounts and templates to use for easier conversation starters. The point is that some of these icebreakers are free only at the beginning, and then you must pay to use them and continue the conversation. On one side, users get templates to chat, and on the other, the site sends automated messages on its behalf and sells memberships.

Barney Copilot Function

Well, this is a new different name for the fake messages – copilots. Until now, the names were more ladylike and impersonated women. This is a new fresh way of pulling off the scam for senior daters. You have sort of a copilot that increases your hookup opportunities by making you find better matches or enticing you to get an upgrade.

Australian SMS Customers

Folks from Australia must pay special prices for the membership. Why so many fake dating websites charge different costs for people from the southmost continent, it beats us! We can’t find any reason for doing so. But for sure there is some nasty plan behind the workings of and it relates to the mobile networks that are intended for the Australian mobile users.

Price Tag

  • 3-day trial access to the $4.47
  • 1-month access to the site is.$39.99
  • 3-month access to the site is $83.97
  • 6-month access to the site is $199.94

Busted or Trusted? has an interesting name, don’t you think? Yes, for sure it does but the dating chances are not so awesome. We found so many problems solely by using Google Translate and without speaking a word French (except for Paris, that is). We definitely wish we could have some buddy at the French Riviera that can explain what is really happening on

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