A SecretMatureMarket.com Rip-off Story You’ll Never Believe: Hookup Site Scam Exposed

SecretMatureMarket.com is the place for meeting older people, mainly mature women. However, this scam review will reveal that all that sex dating and sex flirting will remain in the realm of the fantasy unless you have money to throw on low-quality and unsuccessful adult dating services. Not much success is available on this service with fake adult personals. Beware of the confusing credits that will cost you a significant deal of monetary problems.

SecretMatureMarket.com Review

Despite their claims for some sort of control over user’s behavior, the privacy on SecretMatureMarket.com is on shaky ground. They collect way too much information from you to consider this site for hooking up a genuine place that will keep things private and intimate. The cookies they collect are used in several aggressive ways, including providing the data to alternative marketing sources and other websites, such as:

  1. Visit registration and interest assessment
  2. Tracking of advertisement clicks
  3. Transmitting your information to partner websites
  4. Providing compatible ads by third-party services
  5. Social media advertising based on your behavior

Why is Secret Mature Market a Bogus Hookup Site

SecretMatureMarket.com does not have real users. Even if the adult dating site has them, it is almost impossible for you to tell the difference between genuine users looking to get laid and fictitious profile lingering in the member area and created by the hookup site. Also, you must be aware that, though the site is intended for adult dating, it actually refrains from promising any dating success – it only provides a sex flirting platform:

 It is not the objective of the Service to establish real-life contact between the User and other users of the Platform; the User is not banned from making such arrangements with other Users. Festivus Media BV therefore cannot guarantee in any way that such contact can indeed be established via the Platform.
Here is a visual proof of the usage of fictive profiles whom you have no chance of meeting:
SecretMatureMarket fictive profiles
Be particularly vigilant with the purchasing of the credits, which are sent in bull but relate to sending one by one message, so make sure you know how many credits you have all the time, and don’t forget to provide some explanation in the comment, because, as things are explained on SecretMatureMarket.com, it is difficult to evaluate how many credits you actually have at any given moment of time. This is mainly because the more credit you buy, the lower the price gets. Here are the rules about the credits on SecretMatureMarket.com adult dating app:
  • Credits enable you to send messages, 1 credit equals 1 message or 1 wink. You can buy a bundle of credits using creditcard. 
  • Festivus Media BV is entitled to change this initial quantity of Credits at any time and the User can therefore not derive any rights from a previous message received about this subject or from a quantity of Credits obtained by another user.
  • The prices of these Credits are shown on the Website and can be adjusted by Festivus Media BV at any time.
  • The quantity of Credits the User has is shown in the Account and no correspondence is entered into about this quantity.
  • If the User’s Credits run out while sending a Message, the User has to purchase new Credits before the Message can be sent.

Once again, let me reiterate the problem with the privacy, which can create additional issues further down the road, when you may have already forgotten when it happens, because SecretMatureMarket.com has your data stored for up to a year:

 Price Tag

  • 1Credit = 1.50 GBP
  • 8 Credits = 7.99 GBP
  • 25 Credits = 22.49 GBP
  • 50 Credits = 39.99 GBP
  • 100 Credits = 79.99 GBP
  • 300 Credits =  $219 GBP

Busted or Trusted?

The confusing credits, the fake women and the poor privacy don’t make me overly confident about this site’s legitimacy. Overall, the chances for a rip-off on Secret Mature Market are excellent, especially if you consider the availability of this tool for sex flirting and sex dating on mobile platforms, which doubles up the possibility of expensive fees.

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