Things You Need to Know About to Help You Stay Afloat

Have you heard about if you haven’t that’s really weird because it’s a very old adult dating website, famous to many and within a famous network of websites that are based on the same model but dedicated to different sexual communities. This one, in particular, is about meeting ladies from the Asian countries and it’s called


There are several bigger problems that are associated with the Friend Finder franchise. We will explain them in the following section. For now, you need to keep an eye on the extra fees that come along the main subscription payments, such as transaction fees, usage fees as well as foreign exchange fees. They all fall on the back of the poor consumers. This is part of the Terms and Conditions which are very long; not everyone has the time to read them. Usually, users become enticed by the front page with sexy photos of Chinese girls. Additionally, they fall for the descriptions of all subsidiaries that come in the same company dedicated to exotic dates.

Why is a Poor Dating Platform

Here are the main reasons cherry-picked from the plenty of features on the site.

You Lose Promotional Credits gives users promotional credits. These are given for free but then lost; it’s a nice catch for newbies who don’t know that they must spend the credit within a specified time frame or either they will be charged with an extra fee for the next credit they need to buy. If you don’t log into the site for a while your credit will be gone.

Autorenewals Are Arbitrary? What Happened Here?

As you can see in the Terms and Conditions of they state that you can opt out from the automatic renewals of the membership. Yet, if you try to track online reviews from users you will see something weird happening here; Although that have checked the option for automatic renewal and put it off, someone somehow weirdly and magically turned it back on!  They were charged again…

This is a user review in view of the above regulations: Sends Electronic Messages

You’re going to get electronic messages from the site. These sometimes contain only commercial offers and unnecessary products, but sometimes include advertising messages from staff and from agents who promote the services of the site. Creating fake profiles to lure you into staying for longer or by getting one of the more expensive upgrades is a usual practice.

Price Tag


  • $14.99 for 1-month subscription with monthly renewals at $14.99
  • $29.97 for 3-month subscription with monthly renewals at $9.99,
  • $71.88 for 12-month subscription with monthly renewals for $5.99


  • $18.99 for 1-month subscription with monthly renewals at $18.99
  • $50.97 for 3-month subscription with monthly renewals at $16.99
  • $107.82 for 12-month subscription with monthly renewals for $5.99

Busted or Trusted? is terribly expensive, especially if you buy the gold membership. You will be paying hundreds of dollars for not-so-good features. The reviews are suspicious: if you get charged for something that you didn’t want to be charged for, you will lose all trust in online dating platforms! It seems that this happened to some of the users. No one can tell the truth but it’s definitely the responsibility of who need to do something about it.

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