JustGetNaughty.com Sells Video On-Demand and Cam Services: Scam Review

JustGetNaughty.com is a cute-looking hookup site, that’s for sure. That doesn’t exclude the fraud behind the site’s nice looking design and sexy pictures of girls, as well as the nicely organized features. Don’t fall for the great organization, though. Because it is used solely to attract and get new customers who don’t know much about online dating scams and fall for them easily. Here we help you avoid that and save your money.


Many times you can uncover the fraudulent workings of a faulty website only by reading the Terms & Conditions. In the case of JustGetNaughty.com that might be enough for most experienced daters and for the team of Adult Dating Patrol. But it might not be enough for newbies who skip through the content and for inexperienced daters who don’t know where to look for warning signs. Make sure that you read everything in detail and that you don’t give a card in a breeze.

Why is JustGetNaughty.com a Fraudulent Dating Service

Most reasons that speak of the deceptive nature of JustGetNaughty.com are related to the commercial nature of the service and have accumulated quite a number of naive users.

Custom Messages Are a Trick for Charging You Extra Fees

The custom messages are already prepared templates that can be borrowed to the users so that they find it easier to initiate communication. However, JustGetNaughty.com controls the content and the process of sending of these messages. So, you don’t need to use them to get laid because you will have little success, they can be monitored and changed along the way, and, on top of everything, you will get charged doe some of them like the flirtcasts. So – eyes wide open!

Packages with Date Boosters are a Substitute for Selling the Same Hookup Site in Several Ways

JustGetNaughty.com uses these so-called Date Boosters in order to, namely, promote your prospects for getting laid by offering you additional memberships on multiple hookup sites. Yet, when you discover that all sites on this fake service have the same member directory, you might be full of spite for the money spent on multiple memberships that perpetuate the site and make it difficult for you to access more people – because there aren’t so many people there!

JustGetNaughty.com is a Non-Secure Website

No secure features or safety checks are put into practice on JustGetNaughty.com. Imagine that – your messages and you uploaded content is monitored and controlled, but not for safety purposes, but only for the protection of the main company. Wow, customers really do come last on JustGetNaughty.com, used like hotel towels!

Paid Services Are Use on the Platform Along the Fake Dating

SMS communication goes by way of packages. These packages cost extra credits and you can never get the hold of them when you try chatting up another member. it is for sure not a clear way to sell you something that you should be getting for free. If you start paying for the credits and sending messages, you will end up in bankruptcy before you have turned around and said “naughty”

Video-On-Demand is Adult Content You Don’t Need

Did you sign up for getting videos with adult content? Nope. and did you sign up for messing around with paid cam rooms? Double nope. So, I guess you will not be very excited when you see that JustGetNaughty.com is just a platform for selling xxx moviesands cam services under the guise of online dating:

Price Tag

  • 50 credits cost $2.99
  • 250 credits.cost $9.74
  • 1000 credits cost $29.99

Busted or Trusted?

JustGetNaughty.com is busted like hell. I wouldn’t let any of my friends get near thist scammy site, let alone get a membership or start paying extra for the ridicilous commercial nonsense that doesn’t even belong on the site. Get your horses together and if you want to get laid use one of the services explained in the legit dating sites guide. There is plenty of choice for all preferences.

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