Frustrates Users with Constant Alert Popups: Scam Revealed

Meeting cougars online for casual sex is one of the favorite fantasy of all subscribers to adult dating sites. This niche is so popular that hundreds, maybe even thousands of websites, try to handle the trick and produce a number of websites with milfs and cougars. This is the case again with However, it’s a big scam.

Why is a Big Fat Fraudulent Lie

Ma’am is the short form of madam so is a picture of what you can expect to find out here: all the classy ladies which you need to call “Madam”. Some people fall for this fantasy and this is how attracts its users. You won’t find anything original here. Let’s look into more detail how you’re being scammed.

Group Companies Produced by Timespace Holdings Ltd

So far we’ve investigated Bulova network and Festivus Media that use the similar strategies to trick users. Somehow it seems that Timespace Holdings Limited is exactly the same company because it uses the same features. If you follow the aspects below and then compare them to these previous networks with websites you will see that they are almost identical. In any case, they work with a group of companies and produce dozens of similar websites.

Flirtcasts, Auto-replies and Promotional Messages

Users get gifts. These gifts for communication purposes have fancy names, such as Flirtcasts, Auto-replies and Promotional messages.They are generated by computers managed by This is just an advertising trick to engage you with the fake profiles and to fall easier for the scam.

Keep an Eye on Apple Refunds

If you use only the website, you have a number of problems. If you also decide to download the application for your Android smartphone or for your iPhone you’ll have additional problems. In that case, you not only get into contact with, but you also get into contact with iTunes. They have totally different Terms and Conditions. You won’t be able to get any refunds for the services you get there from this website.

Annoying Popups: Activity Alerts

The Activity Alerts are parallel to the promotional messages. From one side, users need to send promotional messages generated by computers. From the other, uses automatic notifications. As you can see, this is just a game created by computer software. The victims are all users who think that they are actually communicating with real people when they’re engaged in exchanging nonsensical chat messages.

Price Tag

  • 3-day trial is $4.07
  • 1-month subscription is $34.99
  • 3-month subscription is $59.99
  • 6-month subscription is $95.94

Busted or Trusted?

Timespace Holdings Limited can get into the same basket as Bulova network and Festivus media.If it’s not the same company, it uses the same tricks and the same fraudulent methods. This is very fishy! We’re not at all convinced that these companies are not somehow connected. It’s very suspicious. You shouldn’t trust Find another legit dating site for dating milfs, such as

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