CityXGuide Review: The Escort Forum That Replaced Backpage

CityXGuide review screenshot

In this CityXGuide review, I’ll explain why I don’t think that you’ll have great hookup success on this website. It is made just like,, and the likes, but it also includes anything you can think of in the domain of commercial sex activities. Think of it, you’ll find it on That’s why … Read more

Escort-Ireland Review

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Are you looking to get laid on adult dating sites? And accidentally, you’ve come across escort sites and you are now seriously contemplating membership. I honestly hope you didn’t recognize yourself in this description! There is nothing worse than expecting an awesome experience on an escort site while ending up with nonsense. Today’s review is about … Read more

Escort Girls News Review: The Agency Site You Must Avoid!

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Now you cannot be safe across the globe. The same deceptive providers of paid sex services are occupying whole world locations from a single website. Dangers have just been multiplied! No city or country is safe with these scammers! The last website that I’m checking today is called Escort Girls News.   I hate it … Read more

Macedonna Review: The Slavic Escort Site

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It took me less than half a minute to see what Macedonna is all about and trust me, this is not the place where you will get laid for free. It has dozens of paid escort services and many are total without any testimonials or reviews. I just stared blankly at them, not knowing if … Read more

City of Love Review

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I have another escort site on today’s agenda. They call it City of Love and this review will present its appalling workings that resemble a lot to what Backpage did. As part of the job on Adult Dating Patrol I, debunk revolting escort websites that can create dozens of problems for you. As you probably … Read more

How Bedpage is 100% Worse Than Backpage

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It took a while for people to notice that Backpage is a shady business. Until then, that escort and classified ad site was ruminating the adult dating world, wreaking havoc on decent people’s efforts to find online hookups. I’ve covered everything here in this review. Bedpage sucks and there’s no denying that. Read this to learn … Read more