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If you are looking for casual dating you should never look for it on escort sites. The problem with them is that they will cost you dearly. I go nuts when I found out how many people repeat the same mistake.

In order to prevent many others from doing the same I, have reviewed Escort Directory to shed a light on its dark sides. The classified ads section on this rip-off website is full of paid models. Therefore, the dating part is just a huge scam. You shouldn’t trust it at all!

A Camouflaged Cathouse

It took me less than a couple of minutes to draw my mail n conclusions about the problematic features. They move around in circles continuously repeating the basic scam – paid hookups in various disguise.

I discovered that Escort Directory has pornstars, can models, and prostitutes who use this site for scheduling meetings. Even the ads section has its costs, mostly dictated by agency owners. But there are independent models as well. They are the most dangerous type to spot since they can hide under the mask of real profiles.

Pornstar Costs Over $800 for 2 Hours

Wow, now I get what’s all the buzz around escorts. They are just prostitutes with a fancy name and a higher price. You can never be sure what you’ll end up with such services, so watch your step and mind your own business by hooking up on verified dating sites for free.

Escort Directory Pornstar Costs

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Cam rooms are a trap for wasting your cash. Okay, you actually waste credits but you know the drill – cam girls cost a fortune and all they do is in the virtual world. So, you don’t anything in return except for a negative bank statement and a few peeks into the cam girl tits. You definitely won’t get to arrange a casual date like on adult dating websites!

Worst Money Extortion with VIP Offers

Escort Directory creates VIP offers to get more of your money. The offers carry names related to different countries so you just think you have more options when, in fact, they include the same girls with more expensive price tags!

Fake Model Profiles

90 percent of the profiles on Escort Directory is fake. Those pictures really bugged me. It’s just another method for making money from red door houses. The site puts stock photos to raise its reputation, but the real truth reveals there are no genuine persons behind them. More proof of this in the next section.

Poor User Reviews

If you didn’t notice the fakers by now, you should at least pay attention to what others say. In the “Client Feedback”, I saw irrefutable proof of the Escort Directory scam. I did some screenshots to prove my point.  

Don’t Look for Casual Dating HERE!

For many reasons, I won’t be keeping my profile on Escort Directory.

It’s just a streetwalker site with no chances of genuine casual dating opportunities!

Infographic: Escort Directory 

Escort Directory Review Infographic

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