Review: Australian Call Girl Directory screenshot

In some countries, prostitution is legal, so you won’t have any problems with getting access or using these sites. But would you want to pay for sex when you can have superb hookup experiences for free? And  – do you want to travel to Australia? I am asking this because today’s review is about, … Read more

Euro Girl Escort Review: Can You Say Fake Profiles!

Euro Girls Escort screenshot

You know that I point out decent dating opportunities while disclosing illegitimate services. Occasionally, I encounter escort sites that mess with casual dating websites and trick users about what they’re really up to. Today I’m explaining everything about Euro Girl Escort, a site related to Amsterdam services. What I found is that it definitely doesn’t … Read more

Adult Look Review

Adult Look screenshot

It’s time to put my detective hat on and conduct another investigation of an escort site. Today’s review is about AdultLook, an insidious site that links to dozens of other fraudulent services. Honestly, I couldn’t find a safe spot to hide, being surrounded by dangers at every corner. Some of them were about live girls … Read more

Backpage Escorts Net Review

Backpage Escorts Net screenshot

Backpage Escorts Net looks a lot like the classic Backpage but it also has its unique fraudulent moments. It just gets on my nerves with its intrusive advertising model that links users across the web ripping them off! It’s not a hookup site so don’t waste your efforts trying to get laid. You will end … Read more

How Bedpage is 100% Worse Than Backpage

Bedpage screenshot

It took a while for people to notice that Backpage is a shady business. Until then, that escort and classified ad site was ruminating the adult dating world, wreaking havoc on decent people’s efforts to find online hookups. I’ve covered everything here in this review. Bedpage sucks and there’s no denying that. Read this to learn … Read more

Adult Search Review: Another Directory Disaster…

Adult Search screenshot

The first answer to this question would be not to join this dubious service called Adult Search at all! It’s one thing to find casual dates on adult dating sites and it’s totally different to mingle with all sorts of pranksters, paid sex, and a bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with casual … Read more

Infographic: How Much Do You Know About Sex (Stats)?


You’d say that you know a lot about sex. After all, you are following Internet resources and don’t let a thing pass by your careful gaze. But sex-wise, trends change fast. What used to be hot last year is not the top trend this year. Popular searches on porn sites just confirm this trend. People … Read more

5 Surprising Adult Dating Statistics That Will Open a New Perspective to Online Hookups

adult dating couple

Though we think we know all and understand how dating life works, there are situations when those beliefs get seriously shaken. And there is nothing better than the cold, hard numbers to tell the truth about some facts we take for granted. Therefore, we took a look at some of the most popular beliefs men … Read more