How is Double-Crossing Its Customers: Scam Revealed! takes you on a ride like you’ve never had, but not in a good way. This site has a lot of profiles that don’t look like real users. You may be even able to notice that on the front page with the Tinder-like feature, but you will confirm your doubts when you read more on the website or read this review.

Why is a Fake Dating Site

You won’t need a lot of evidence to conclude that this service is a fake platform. The notice about the fictitious profiles is flashing right from that start as a protection net. This site has its back covered with this one warning sign and can use fake profiles for ages!

Tinder-like Feature with Real Women?

This is how the transfer from the picture gallery takes you to mark people’s pictures with a “Yes” or “No” ticks. But if you browse for a while and check a number of profiles, you’ll notice that the pics are all photoshopped, the women don’t look realistic, and they are all hot looking like models. Painting the picture on in this way makes it totally unbelievable. But you’re not going to ask for extra proof since the proof is already there. Just jump to the next section.

Guess what isn’t a fake dating site?  This one.

Fantasy, Fake or Fictitious Profiles

Don’t get confused by the name variations in this subheading. Some of the “f” words sound harsh, and some are more mellow. Whatever the name is, the intention behind them is the same. Calling them fantasy profiles doesn’t do wonders for the site. It’s just a lame excuse to push through with he software-created profiles and create an impression that the site is bursting with hotties who are just too eager to have their first fling.

Cost to Join 

3 credits are CAD: $7.99 or $2.66 per credit
10 credits are CAD: $23.99 or $2.39 per credit
50 credits are CAD: $99.99 or $1.98 per credit
100 credits are CAD: $179.99 or $1.79 per credit
300 credits are CAD: $419.99 or $1.39 per credit

My Daily Fling Review Score:  “F” don’t work as promised or as presented in the testimonials. All those FB comments can’t change the fact that the site is full of fictitious profiles. On another note, those credit bundles are quite pricey. You can’t even compare the memberships to some of the averagely priced sites. The best practice is to take your attention away from here and direct it to the authentic websites.

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  1. You are totally right…nothing but paid bots to take your money..tried talking with one and wasnt even able to tell me nothing about the area I was fro except for what ya find on google…I was out of there quickly


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