Makes You Doubt All UK Adult Dating Sites

While we know many hookup sites offer a fresh approach to dating, this one has some new stuff that is different from the rest, but the essence of the fraud is the same. Although we can’t say that there are guaranteed fabricated profiles, makes it very difficult to find someone to get laid, if not impossible. There are so many ways to spend your hard-earned money that it brings me the chills.

Authenticity is not on hundred percent new or original but it’s not one of the scams we meet very often. It developed several ways to upsell the same service. You start with a free membership, then you need to buy credits for basic communication, and then you get the option to buy extra “exclusive” bolt-ons. The rip-off strategy is the same as their sister sites – or

Why is a False Dating Site

There is a chain of non-verified UK sites that create troubles for anyone in the business in the UK who wants to provide decent dating services. is one of them and let’s see more details about the network of websites that they work in. Works with a Network of Websites

As mentioned in the authenticity section, is one of the other websites on the same network that uses the same methods. If you’ve ever used it you know that it has no chance of landing your date. It works with expensive credits that will drill a hole in your pockets or max out your credit card. It’s very dangerous and expensive. Getting laid is extremely hard.

Virtual Gifts and Credits

In the section for the Price Tag, you will find the exact price of the paid credits. To get in touch with any of the members regardless of the fact if they’re real or fake you need to buy credits. They are tokens that enable communications via the chat services, the email and the rest of the communication channels on Although you get to become a member for free there is no way of you getting in touch with someone. It’s a big no-no!

Special Bolt-Ons for Extra Profit for

But hang on a minute it’s not only the paid credits that create troubles for your budget. There is an offer for providing an exclusive service called “bolt-ons” which is sort of specialized and luxurious membership for those that want to get the dating profile privilege. In fact, it’s only a fraudulent way of making you pay more for the same service.

Price Tag

  • 10 credits for sending 10 messages for £ 15,00
  • 25 credits for sending 25 messages for £ 35,00
  • 50 credits for sending 50 messages for £ 65,00
  • 100 credits for sending 100 messages for £ 120,00
  • 200 credits for sending 200 messages for £ 200,00

Busted or Trusted?

Wow, £200 for 200 messages! Do they count a basic “hi” as one message? If that’s the case and you try sending a few “his” to a few girls, then you’ll spend your credits only for one word. That’s possible on It’s a nasty way of never knowing how much you can spend on a site. It’s really tricky and the way of manipulating users to just buy new credits. You’ll never know how much you’ve left on your account. Unfortunately, will not get you anywhere in the world of adult dating!

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