Open Your Eyes Before Trying Out or any other Venntro Media Hookup Site!!

Venntro Media Group is forever looking for new customers who are willing to pay for their dishonest services. On, they misuse the conventional methods of pulling the wool over customer’s eyes which are similar to their other partner websites from the shared database. They’ve slightly updated the design and the name of the domain. Basically, everything is the same, just as we have concluded from other Venntro Media Group websites we have previously investigated. Let’s have a look into the details of this scam and learn more details.

Why is a Hookup Scam

First of all, you’ll never know where you stand with’s memberships. There are promotional but they’re also those with standard prices. On top of everything, you need to pay additional fees for virtual extras and credits. In the dubious variety of multiple subscriptions and paid services, you’ll never know how much your monthly membership will turn out to be.

Be careful when you learn about a discount discounted promotional offers are valid only for a limited time. After that initial period runs by, you need to pay the regular fee which is way more expensive than the promotions. This marketing trick is trying to fool you into thinking that you will be paying less than you’re actually paying the full price. is a Shared Database

Identically to the partner dating websites, this is a group scam. This website works in a network of associated websites as a shared database concept. This is not a big revelation as far as Venntro Media group is concerned. They’ve always used the same strategy of paid extras and credits for a nothing more than an entertainment website. The promotional credit offers are always there to confuse you. It’s really not important what’s your dating niche o sexual preference although they say they apply some sort of location filters.

Paid Credits and Virtual Extras

Pay attention to the paid credits and the virtual extras They are not the only way to overpay for the ridiculous services provides – a bunch of fake profiles only for entertainment services. You will also get charged for the virtual credits, which are one type of premium gifts to express interest in the members of However, they won’t get you some awesome dating chances because the website is completely fake.

Fake Profiles for Entertainment Only doesn’t promise any guarantees for landing a real date. It says it is only for entertainment. There are no guarantees that you will meet someone and get laid. Moreover, they say that you should protect yourself as the site may consist of fakers. They don’t protect against scammers or fraudsters who are trying to rip you off online or in person.

Price Tag

  • 6-month membership will cost you £74.69 per month.
  •  3-month membership will cost you £45.94 per month.
  • 1-month membership will cost you £22.94 per month.
  • Annual membership will cost you £103.44 per month.

Busted or Trusted?

The strategy that uses is very similar to other Venntro Media Group hookup sites. We can’t really give you anything different about this in particular except for constantly repeating what you already know. It’s as fake and as expensive as it can get. Don’t expect to land some dab one night stands. If you are looking for no-strings-attached relationships and casual hookups, stay away from Venntro Media websites. There’s no way of becoming a cool dater and creating a rich sex life on


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