is No Fun Scam: It Operates with Paid Credits

You know the popular word for sex action the Brits use? That’s right – it’s called shagging and it’s sort of the local counterpart of the American, well – you know what I mean (wink, wink). Somehow, when you use UK vocabulary, things get a new dimension and it is not so easy to recognize the scam. This is how lives through many years.

Why is No Good for Online Dating

The company behind, Venntro Media is a creator of other, similar-sounding names, like ShagFun or ShagHunt. Despite the name diversity, these services work in the same way, selling credits and making effort to amass as many free members so that they can annoy them with the upgrade emails.

Do you know what’s hilarious? There is an online article claiming that Shagbbok has crossed the spears with Facebook, due to name copyright claims. It seems that FB got the primary right to use the name. But, it turns out this is not true as popular social media is using a generic name that can’t be attributed. But if you are curious about the article for the name rant, you can check it here:

Now let’s turn to what’s critical for our readers, including’s deceptive practices.

Tricky Promotional Offers and Auto-Renewals

Be careful when you opt-in for promotional rates. In general, all initial rates are promotional rates since you either get a discount at the start or get hunted once you decide to leave and check your “get laid” luck on other hookup services.

You may just end up with extra charges once the promotional rate takes full momentum. Especially if you forgot that you agreed to an auto-renewal and got away from the site with the cheaper price in mind.

Paid Credits and Virtual Gifts

Just as with any other dating site that works with credits, you can have a lot of problems with the number of used and left credits in your account. Credits are never refundable.

You can’t exactly measure how many credits you need to spend and how many you have left. As it turns out. can do whatever they want with your credits and subscriptions because there is no way to do precise calculations.

Price Tag

  • 10 credits to send 10 messages for £15
  • 25 credits to send 25 messages for £35
  • 50 credits to send 50 messages for £65
  • 100 credits to send 100 messages for £120
  • 200 credits to send 200 messages for £200

Busted or Trusted? is a nice-looking site, but it hides the business of crooks. We don’t believe that you will have that much luck on this site. As with any Venntro Media product, you need to open your eyes. If it turns out that you had a different experience, let us know in the comment box!

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