Review Exposes a Bunch of Suspicious Features

For a while now, we haven’t reviewed a UK dating site or at least one that is dedicated to users out of the U.S. market. It’s not that the web users can divide by borders, but most dating companies target specific locations for better success of the users. Geotargetting plays a role, too. is one new site for the UK market. Let’s see if it is an original or a copycat platform.

Why is a Fictional Dating Site

There is a group chain of non-secure UK sites that create difficulties for anyone in the dating site business in the UK that aims at providing genuine dating services. is one of the worse scams. Let’s find out more information about the network of websites it belongs to. It’s connected to the Venntro Media Group. Belongs to a Website Network is one of the alternatives in the same network, which uses the same fictional strategy. If you’ve ever registered on UKSexMatch, you’ve experienced that this service has no chance of landing you a casual sex date. It works with pricey credits and virtual gifts that will turn your pockets inside out, or take your credit card into the red. It’s very risky and expensive. Getting laid is almost impossible.

Virtual Gifts and Credits for Sale

In the paragraph for the Price Tag, you will find the exact price of the paid credits. To get in touch with any of the members, despite the fact that some of them may be fake, you must purchase credits. They are tokens that enable chats, emails and are used to get virtual gifts. Although you get to register for free, there is no way to establish a contact with someone. It’s a definite no!

Exclusive Bolt-Ons Bring Added Profit for

Hold on for one second! It’s not only the paid credits and virtual gifts that create problems for your budget. There is an exclusive offer for providing special service named “bolt-ons”. This is a system for specialized club membership intended for those that want to get extra dating profile privileges. In fact, it’s only a fictional way of making you pay more for the same usage.

Price Tag

  • 10 credits enables you to send 10 messages for £15
  • 25 credits enables you to send 25 messages for £35
  • 50 credits enables you to send 50 messages for £65
  • 100 credits enable you to send 100 messages for £120
  • 200 credits enable you to send 200 messages for £200

Busted or Trusted? is not genuine, and the registration here won’t take you anywhere. What’s the use of free registration, when you can’t use any of the features? How come you need to pay hundreds of extra pounds for special services when even the basics have skyrocketing prices? 200 pounds for 200 messages is really expensive!

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