This Scam Review of Will Explain What’s the Catch

Without a doubt, many people love dating housewives. They are approachable, convenient, and they don’t look for long-term relationships. They are the ideal candidates for casual hookups. No wonder fraudulent dating websites use them as bait to populate the members’ area on their fake dating services such as this one. Again, we see a very convenient name HousewifeMatchcom, but there are not very promising features on this scammy website.

Why is a False Dating Site

Although there are more than four reasons to keep this one in the trash with scam features, we removed the not so important and included four of the top reasons. We put this one in the “fake basket” series.

Part of the Infinite Connections Network

Are you up for infinite connections? You sure are up for it, if it brings infinite sexual connections. But what if it links to other dating sites with different preferences which may not be suitable or appropriate for what you’re looking for? includes a policy to classify the appropriate websites, but they don’t say that they do it with 100% surety. Who knows if it will fit within your preferences? So, this is just a scam to improve the activity on their websites and increase traffic.

Content Monitoring, Yet No Checks and Hacking Protection reserves the right to monitor the content, your messages and your chat. All features are reviewed and it’s under the control of the site. This is worthless, though, in terms of protection for security measures or for protection against hackers. You don’t really have any chance with them because you’re on your own. The site does the monitoring only for business purposes and not for the benefits of its users. is Only for Interaction

Interaction is same as entertainment. With no promise of real hookups, the only thing is you’re going to get here is entertainment. And, who is going to be the main party man? It seems it is going to be you because there is no activity, only copied content from multiple websites for “infinite connections” and an insecure service.

E-Communications Getting on Your Nerves

Yes, that’s right. You agree to electronic communications with the registration. Anything can go into the E-communications inbox. Be prepared to receive all types of garbage that you don’t need. That usually ends up in people’s bins. When they don’t have the time to include the spam filters or look out for the site they join to and buy subscriptions for, it ends up in the main inbox.

Price Tag

  • The monthly subscription is $29.94
  • A three-month subscription is $47.94
  • A six-month subscription is $89.94
  • Twelve-month subscription is $167.94

Busted or Trusted?

Definitely look for another place to find discreet encounters. Join other affair dating sites. This one is not a good match. It doesn’t have any features that are outstanding or something so remarkable or special to put it for a second thought. Yes, it goes out in the first round. Consequently, you’d better look elsewhere and save your precious time by circumventing this site.

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