If you’re married, you may have bigger difficulties than other people to find decent dates. You need to keep it discreet, simple and out of the eyes of people who can catch you. Let’s say that many dating sites developed a sixth sense for that. This is why so many users fall for fraudulent dating websites. Unfortunately,  MarriedSecrets. com is again a fraudulent website. We have discovered a number of factual proofs for their scamming tactics and we’ll be elaborating them further in this text.

Why is a False Hookup Site started with a great ambition but it didn’t last too long. The features that are on the site seem like they have been created a few years ago. They’re not very active now. Some of the features are redundant. Let’s see what the internet says about the dating prospects you can have on

A Huge List of 1 or 2-star Reviews

When top search engine results show evidence that the website sucks you hardly need any other evidence to tell that it sells lies. When an army of users confirms what you have been suspicious of all the way, you don’t need additional confirmation. If you don’t believe this screenshot you can go ahead and type the words “ review” in the Google search engines and check each separate result to see what comes out and to see if you can eetrust your precious data to this fraudulent website. review

A Blog That Hasn’t Been Updated Since 2016 and 2014

There are only two posts in 2016 and the rest of the content is only from 2014.  There isn’t even an update since then, but at least they have been decent enough to update a few posts. But for the last 2 years, there is nothing. So I really wouldn’t put too much expectations into getting something out of

That screams that this business is poorly run.  Stay far away, much like we warned you about with Free Cheating Wives.

married secrets blog

Sharing Personal Information

The sharing policy of is really generous. You give a license to them to do whatever they want with your personal information. Once is on the site uploaded and shared with the company that stands behind you give them a perpetual right to use your data just as they like. For people that look into discreet dating because they want to keep the affair out of sight of other people this is really a risky business to get into.

How Other Websites Misbehave on

This is so typical. There are no guarantees for what third-party links bring to the site Yes it’s true the main company can’t really offer a 100% guarantee but it can set some rules for the other businesses to behave as they should and not use this platform for abusing customers using their profiles to send annoying apps and low-quality products that the users don’t even need.

Cost to Join

In a similar way as with the previous review that was on today’s agenda, we couldn’t find any relevant price information about the membership of This is because the site information hasn’t been updated for a while and the site doesn’t really function properly. If you have any experience do let us know in the comments.

Why Review Grade is an “F”

It seems that your sex life is really going to be kept secret on This is because there is no one around to see what you’re doing or testify against your dishonest intentions with someone you know. But let’s not get paranoid. On online dating sites people don’t really want to mess up with others people sex life business unless they want to harm you  if they really want to do so, they can find another way and not use the information on

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