Scam Review: How Not Everything is About Looks; Something is About Money, Too!

“Find your Ukrainian beauty”! – that’s the promise of Well, for sure, it’s easier to pull off a scam with fake pictures and profiles when you mention the real people they represent are gorgeous. In this case. you will have to be super wary to avoid one of the staff profiles to keep entertaining you until you spend way more money than what you’ve anticipated.

Why is a Tricky Dating Site

What exactly is the problem on There is more than one problem, but we kept the basics to the most common problems so that you don’t come across the same and fail miserably. As to the other issues on this scamming website, you won’t even need to go that deep into them once you investigate the basics. You will cancel the profile registration immediately!

Risks from Facebook Logins and Prechecked Boxes

You know that when you log in to an application with your FB details you expose yourself to risks? Privacy will be the least of your problems since already has all your information in private ownership and can do whatever they want with them. Don’t forget that you have agreed to have your data in public mode once you became a member of the site. You expose yourself to triple risks: one from the main site data directory, the second one from FB apps that get your details, and the third one from friends profiles that get associated with the app.

The second thing you need to keep in mind on the registration screen is the pre-checked box for acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. If you just skip the step and go with the flow, you will be left in the dark with plenty of issues unaware of them. You’d better read all that is stake on the site, with wide open eyes!

Staff Profiles That Monitor Content and Do All Sorts of Other Stuff

For purposes of entertainment, monitoring of content and ensuring that everything goes according to the plan, you must agree to make your data public and to getting electronic communications from This is why the company creates staff profiles that are fake impersonators to fool you into thinking the site is vibrant, in full mode and working properly. Now, add a beautiful photo to all that, and you will be in for real fake Ukrainian girl!

Price Tag

  • 1-Month basic package is $24.98
  • 3-Month basic package is $49.99
  • 6 Month basic package is $74.98
  • 12-Month basic package is $99.98

Busted or Trusted?

Although is not that expensive, it is still fake, and you are still not getting what you are hoping for. It’s much better to search for lovely ladies from foreign countries on genuine basic dating sites than to waste your time on fake targeted services with false profiles.

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