SPDate.com is Full of Con Artists and Scam Wizards that Steal Your Precious Time

What can you do when you find a dating site that uses third-party companies as their main suppliers? You know that you do business with crooks. This is a regular method for avoiding responsibility. It just pours everything in the accountability bucket of the other company. Users and third-party suppliers need to communicate with each other on this platform. They will be trying to solve the issues that belong to SPDate.com.

Why is SPDate.com an Adult Dating Fraud

The company has a specialized service for sending messages, which works with the main intention to promote the site services. They like to naturally lure in users to engage with other profiles. If you’ve shown interest in this site, let’s see how the scam goes so that you stay safe.

SPDate.com Uses an Automatic Algorithm for Sending Messages

By using this automatic algorithm SPDate.com assumes what are the adequate matches for your profile. It sends you messages on the basis of these predictions. However, they can be completely untrue. You will be connected to profiles that don’t serve your best purposes. On top of everything, they might be fake profiles so you’ll never know the give and take of this activity until you find out that you’re dealing with a staff profile.

Customer Representatives: Staff Profiles

SPDate.com calls its customer representatives staff profiles. Unless you read the full scope of the services provided by the staff profiles you never know what they are up for. The Terms and Conditions usually contain everything in the job descriptions of the staff profiles. They work to engage you to integrate their activity for buying subscriptions. You need to start communicating on the website so that you make it more active and attract other users.

Third-Party Websites for Irresponsible Main Providers

It’s mentioned at the beginning of this article: when you give the main line of business to third-party suppliers, you can avoid all responsibility with anything that fails. If you put such provision in the site documents, when a customer complains or when they want to make a refund, it’s not about SPDate.com When something doesn’t work or when users get scammed by the con artist called staff profiles, SPDate.com won’t take any accountability. They can just say: “It was not us, it was the third-party company”!

Price Tag

  • Monthly subscription is $29.95
  • 3-month subscription is $59.95

Busted or Trusted?

If you want to avoid getting busted by fake messages created by automated algorithms that don’t have anything to do with your real interest, it’s in your best interest to join legit dating sites. Try your dating prospects there. Unfortunately, SPDate.com is not such service. This has come to be known from this little short tour of the review we’ve just accomplished. If you have any different impressions, please share with us in the comments sections. Do let us know if we missed anything!

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