Scam Exposed: How is Pulling You by the Nose with Misleading Info

When a hookup scam is well known to the team of Adult Dating Patrol, it doesn’t take long to unveil the truth about its workings. This type we are reviewing a site for people for fuller figures. They not always have the chance to meet so many people because they’re not really mainstream. But many people prefer BBW bodies, so has misused this fact to create a fake website.

Why is an Adult Dating Scam

Let’s look into some of the fake promises on This is what they promise on their home page for their big and beautiful members. Have a look at what they are signing up for. Below, we will elaborate what they are actually delivering.

  • Present what you got with nice pictures
  • Search by location to find a partner
  • Send as many messages as you like
  • Who is online while you search
  • Who has been browsing your photos
  • Find a match by chatting
  • Top customer support

Is this the real truth on Two specific investigation moments will help you find out the truth.

Are There Any Real Profiles, or Only Bots Mimicking Girls?

All about this dating service is devoted to creating the impression of a real hookup site. If you visit the front page and don’t know anything about what happens in the back, you will get the picture that all features are legitimate and that all of the curvy and beautiful women are in the membership database of But the point of becoming a member of this service is not to find dates as stated. It’s to get as many upsells in the shape of virtual gifts, credits and bolt-ons. Of course, they are not part of the free subscription. You must pay for them, in case you haven’t noticed. Many people that join don’t since theu skip reading the Terms and Conditions, where everything is explained.

Foolproof Scam by the Infamous Fraudsters: Venntro Media

Yes, this is the site by a company that continuously works on creating new websites for casual dates. They apply the same model all across their network, using the same tricks while changing the design. The final result is the same template that getse replicated in dozens of creative ways, all of them unlike the initial original.  Consequently, not many people notice that the template is the same and register all over again on sites that don’t work.

If you register for one site of Venntro Media, for example, this one,, you are at the same time, registered for all other in the network. Your profile data will be available for everyone, all in the name of having more chances to find a suitable date. However, that’s not the truth as you will immediately observe when you try to land a date. All profiles on dozens of sites are the same, and many don’t reply at all since their only purpose is to make you buy some of the expensive tokens.

Price Tag

  • Six-month will cost you £74.69 per month.
  • Three-month membership will cost you £45.94 per month.
  • One-month membership will cost you £22.94 per month.
  • One-year membership will cost you £103.44 per month.

Busted or Trusted?

You better try some other dating sites and don’t fall for the UK location specification if you live there. It’s just a trick to get you into the game and buy more of services you don’t need. Be especially careful with the extended subscriptions and pay attention to how you renew them. If you set the automatic renewal, you may lose a signosignif deal of money that’s best spent on premium services elsewhere.

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