How Come That Dating Scams Like Still Exist? This Review Explains

This short review of will explain all that you need to know about the fictive business of online dating made by the companies that use virtual profiles called Online Cupids. There is no way to circumvent this procedure. You have to agree with them. One other very important thing – the photos used on the front screen are fake, so are the photos used in the member’s area. Let’s keep those expectations where they need to be!

Authenticity of

The good thing about is that you will be getting that warning about the site from the immediate start. Therefore, you can opt out of using it if you don’t want to.Here is the message from the front screen.

By proceeding I acknowledge and agree that this Site includes Online Cupids® which are fantasy profiles operated by the site for entertainment and compliance. Online Cupids® may interact with users to encourage full participation in the Site’s services, procedures, and options. For more information regarding Online Cupids click here.
The problem with this policy is that you don’t need to see what the Online Cupids are up to until you are in, or if you understand the rules when they are posted in the legal section. Many people don’t and only discover the truth once they get deep into the mess. This is why we are here, to expose for what it really is.

Why is a Deceitful Dating Business

Below you will find more about the process of scamming people on let’s go step by step and see where the dangers come from.

You Agree to Receive Electronic Communications

As you have already seen on the opening page, when you are in, you are in. Unfortunately, there is no way to opt out of the electronic communications unless you are deep down into the use of the site and have already get yourself an upgrade. One key factor you should consider before you get that membership. If you don’t agree to the upgrade, you will get an offer for a 30% discount. I feel sorry for the people who went for the first offer and missed on that discount! terms

The ‘Online Cupids’ Send Computer-Generated Chat & Email Messages

Th ‘Online Cupid’ start operating immediately after you get in. In an instant, your inbox and chat box get flooded with messages. It’s almost unbelievable how many messages you can get without a single picture or a line in your profile. That’s something to disbelieve only if you don’t know how scams work. If you do, you can almost predict the next step – sets you up for several upgrades prompts – any time you try to send a reply back to the messages:

sex attract terms

The Fabricated Profiles on Are Manipulated by the Same Person

So, technically, only a bunch of people can manipulate several hundred of fake profiles and pull so many new users. They do admit that there is no way to ever meet any of these girls but do they really think that admitting that is something that makes things better for the users?   more terms

And you get to pay interest rates if you are late with one of the monthly payments, which accumulates to a large amount if you miss out on a few months of payments.

Past Due Payments – If You fail to pay your account in full within 30 days of the invoice date, You agree to pay interest on the past due amount at a monthly rate of 1.5%, or the highest amount allowed by law, whichever is higher, compounded daily, plus any additional collection costs, credits, charge backs and attorney’s fees.

Price Tag

  • 3-day is $2.97
  • 30-day is a $29.90
  • 90-day is a $59.90

Busted or Trusted? is a fake dating service with virtual profiles that manipulate more than one customer – everyone at hand is at risk. You’d better stay free and find some decent dating sites that really offer great casual sex opportunities.

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