Makes Your Naivety Your Bad Luck: Dating Scam Warning

Have you heard of the Online Dating Council? It sounds like one big dating authority, doesn’t it? So, when you see a hookup site that carries a badge stating that it has been awarded by the Council that must be a plus, right? That’s just an average thinking of an average customer. Most online dating scams targets people that think this is the way hookup sites work. With the first page is full of rewards – starting from reference to the Howard Stern show, reference to Playboy, reference to TMZ and reference to the already mentioned Online Dating Council. Sounds like a fertile ground for some real online dating, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the truth. When you see too many rewards it’s a sign of too much talking and very little action. Let’s find out how


When you join, first you get a screen where you need to fill out specific questions, such as answering whether you’re a man or a woman, how old are you, complete your personal details.

You get to see a full screen of nice looking men and women – of course, mostly women!  If you miss the Terms and Conditions and see the rewards, everything seems just the way it should be. However, we don’t let set an impression fools. We dug deeper investigating what’s behind all that beautiful stuff on the front page. Let’s see what in the Terms and Conditions.

Why is a Rip-off Dating Website

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that is not at all free. Actually, many companies promising free membership use this as the main trick to bring more people in who will show interest in the site. However, the free membership only assumes that you will be able to enter the member database and browse the fake profiles. There you go. We come to the biggest problem of dating sites – fake profiles.

Chatbots and Synthespians Run

When you read the Terms and Conditions you will see at least five or six paragraphs that are dedicated to the fake profiles called Online Emissaries. They are sometimes chatbots and sometimes staff employed by the main website. What’s their true nature is less important?  The key thing is that they both operate with an intention to engage customers to make them take an upgrade.

Online Emissaries Send Fake Messages

If you read everything about the Online Emissaries on you will understand that there are fake profiles that monitor the content you’re exchanging with them, that they have no obligation to tell anything about the monitoring, that you don’t have the chance of meeting them ever in real life, and that they may be related to more than one woman. As you can see, the traps are endless, just waiting for someone who doesn’t have any experience with how online dating scams function.

The second most important thing you need to remember about the fabricated profiles is that they send computer-generated messages. You will get quick chat boxes open up on your screen immediately after registration. If you go and check your inbox that you provided as a registration email for your membership you will see at least five or six emails arriving in the first 10 minutes, This will happen even if you didn’t do anything on the site, like wrote your profile description or uploaded a photo. There will be plenty of interest in you. How is this possible? Well, it’s possible because the profiles are fake and because they’re just hunting for new victims to get their money from their pockets.

Price Tag

You won’t find free solutions to your hookup problems here despite the promises for free registration. You will be charged at least $40 to get a one-month membership on

Busted or Trusted?

Don’t let hoodwink the truth about what’s really happening there. Don’t get fooled by the nice pictures and the possibilities of endless dating, as well as the openness of the site. Although you see men and women on the front page, they’re only fake women profiles and that’s because men are more likely to pay for memberships. This is the age-old truth and the way things function. Men should really learn this lesson about fake dating websites and about of virtual profiles, keeping attention to what they’re paying their hard earned money for. Especially don’t fall for the rewards!

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