Better Late Than Never:’s Scam Revealed Just in Time

I can’t believe we haven’t reviewed by now! They’ve been spoiling the word of decent adult dating for a while now and if we don’t do something about it they will do so for years to come. Just in the typical ways of Nautell and Tralox, SwipeCheaters is a total rip-off that can severely exhaust your money and your time. And nobody needs that!


How come the websites created by Tralox and by Nautell are so much alike? Because they are the same company, that’s why! They use exactly the same legal documents, the same web interface, even the same cover photo on some of their websites. I can’t remember how many times we’ve seen this sexy profile-rich front page that’s just a cover for poorly executed features and fraudulent shenanigans.

And they are still in the casual hookup business industry! Beats me!

Why is a Total Dating Fraud

We have no doubts that this scamming business will find a way to make your NSA hookups a nightmare. here is why:

Tralox Puts You Into the Matrix Again

Here is the proof that is owned by Tralox, the copycat Nautell company that exists with the sole purpose to cover the tracks of how the network works and escape the eye of horny users who don’t look for tiny details.

You Get Charged for SMS-Related Ads

Interesting – not only will your details be scattered across all websites owned by Tralox (if not by Nautell, too) but you’ll also be responsible for paying any reckless costs arising due to the commercials that you don’t need to be sent from sites you have no idea have your details.

“Love Stars” Entertainment for Fake Chats

Only one registration on one of the “Love Stars” platforms will help you find out the truth. It’s better if you don’t take that chance, though. Therefore, read the following few rows to bring some light to how the scam works and avoid it at all costs next time. The “Love Stars” are fabricated profiles that resemble real women. You can’t tell the difference online, especially when they start chatting and sending messages invented by software. It’s a marketing tactic for keeping men active in desperation that they’ll find real women among the bots.

Hidden Payment Under the Guise of Fee Reservation

Despite the boldly announced free memberships, is nothing of the sort. It will not only charge your card immediately after you sign up, but it will also upgrade any trial to the monthly rate. It will try to sell you extra subscriptions for other products and services from other adult dating websites.

Price Tag

  • $2.97 trial version upgraded to the Top Pick Package for a monthly fee of $29.95
  • Easy Savings Package which costs $74.85 for 3 months
  • 6-month Best Value Package for a total of $119.70

Busted or Trusted?

In a nutshell, we advise that you don’t go near or near any Tralox website, for that matter! In particular, avoid writing in your credit card details. You take huge risks if you do. One can never tell what will they charge on your card at the end. You may end up with three of four hundred dollars of bills.

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