– The Dating Site for Swingers and Scammers

Some adult dating sites are only for specific audiences. On the other hand, other dating sites promise that they will hook you up with just the person that you want, regardless of your sexual preference. For example, promises to offer men and women, as well as singles and swingers and welcome any new member. It has nothing to do with the preference.


This hookup app looks really nice. Therefore, it’s very easy to rush through the mistakes and the features that don’t work. You’d think that you’ve finally found a decent dating site that won’t create any troubles for you. They’re nice images of lovely women on the front page and sexy testimonials. They almost look realistic in a way you think that there are no fake profiles here. Our research proved otherwise. For example, the reverse Google search proved that these pictures were included on other dating sites.

Why is a Fake Dating App

Just when you thought that you’re dealing with real women here comes the revelation included in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ but also on the registration page. Sorry to say that there is no way around the ‘Online Emissaries’ on The emissary is the catchy name for the fake profiles created by the site luring in any new member who wants to pay for the membership. It seems that is open but there are only fake women who excite users to buy one of the memberships and pay the monthly rate. is Full of Fake Women’s Profiles

You should know that you’ll never meet one of the ‘Online Emissaries’. They work from several accounts and communicate with several members at once. There is no way possible that they are related to real persons.

Fake Messages and No Real Dates

The fake messaged become obvious when you try to reply to one of the girls. If you watch your inbox you’ll see that all those messages are alike. They follow¬†the same patterns for scamming new members. Even if you’re not active, you’ll get few of them in your inbox. All this is done with the purpose to create a sense of great activity and to make you feel like you’re missing on something really great like a lot of sex!

Price Tag

All basic features on Adult Hookup come with the free trial. When you upgrade to a platinum membership you need to pay $29.95 per month.

Busted or Trusted?

Unfortunately, a great design is not always a sign of a real dating site. proves it’s easy to put a nice mask and cover up all the dirty tricks that these companies are using to cover the nasty methods. It wasn’t too difficult to expose the scam of It might not be one of the most expensive scams but it’s definitely developed nice so it’s very dangerous for people who base their decisions on nice designs. Watch out!

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