Stay Away from the Tinder Copycat and Hold on to Your Hard-Earned Cash

Is a genuine dating site? From what’s available on the site, we can’t say it deserves much credit. Hookup sites that use fictional profiles never provide the services promised on the front page. Following the pattern of location-based searching, the site uses the Tinder concept to match you with people living nearby. You know the drill – you create a profile and by defining the distance criteria, you create a close radius of potential dates. However, when most of them are ridiculously gorgeous looking babes, something fishy is going on. It didn’t take long to find out what really happens on

Why is an Adult Dating Scam?

If you are a careful reader, you’ll be able to nail the nasty tricky in a jiffy. It takes an average attention to notice the confession about fictional profiles. admits to using fake profiles in a number of various sections in the site “Terms and Conditions”. From that viewpoint, the service looks like a lamb compared to other fraudulent hookup apps that never say they use fake women profiles. When you put the site next to those that say they are not able to tell you they impersonate real women, looks honest and straightforward. But – and that’s a big “but”, users are rarely meticulous readers. We all often skip through regulations and go straight to the point. The point on casual sex sites is to get laid. No wonder people get scr*wed and end up dating computer-generated bots!

Fictitious Bot Profiles Masked as Real Women

Here are just a few of the statements about the fictional profiles that will make you think twice about providing your data to in expectation of setting up real hookups and booty calls.

  • Fictional profiles don’t guarantee getting laid
  • They are just for entertainment purposes
  • Fictional women send software generated messages

Now, just connect the dots and it will instantly become obvious that you won’t get far on this site. Matching you with someone nearby is a piece of cake when you don’t talk to a real person. A bit can “live” anywhere in the real world as long as you adjust its settings.

Sending Software-generated Messages

The messages are predictable and misleading. No, girls don’t usually jump immediately into the hot water. The reason they are so open-minded on is that they are not real! Their sole purpose of existence is to sell you the credit-based subscriptions, which account for a certain number of messages and expire after a while. It’s very likely that you’ll end up quite disappointed and broke from using this service as no real dates will ever occur.

Price Tag

  • 10 credits cost £15 for sending 10 email messages.
  • 25 credits cost £35 for sending 25 email messages.
  • 50 credits cost £65 for sending 50 email messages.
  • 100 credits cost £120 for sending 100 email messages.
  • 200 credits cost £200 for sending 200 email messages.

Busted or Trusted? casts a wide net to capture as many new users as possible by attracting them with the convenient matching system. There’s definitely not much truth in the claims about dating within close distance unless you consider dating with fictional women on your homescreen a good match. Watch out for the paid credits, you may end up bankrupt if you are careless.

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