Not for the Thrifty Ones: Will Cost You More Than $1,000 a Year

Do you have a lot of money to spend on a girl who needs care? Are you a sugar daddy as much as you hate the cheesy name? If $1,000 a year is just pebbles for you, then you might have just joined the right dating platform. Here on you can try out your prospects for dating cute sexy girls and spending money on them. We guess that when you have thousands of dollars to spend on pampering girls, you have that much to spend on a site membership!


These type of dating sites are common for people who are into these type of dating. Dozens of websites carry the name with the name “sugardaddy” and help older well-situated men date women in need of some financial help. has a blog for dating advice in the niche. Since it has a lot of visits, we guess that it helps users gain some confidence and experience in their efforts to date.

Why is a Risky Dating Site

Here are a few of the arguments you need to keep an eye on while you are taking a chance on This site works as a commercial adult dating service. It’s not only not free but it offers several ways to pay for more than the basic subscription.That will be explained below in the payment section. Now, what you need to know is that no refunds on are possible. If you decide to spend your money on the extra services, and you don’t have any dating success, don’t blame the site!

When you buy credits, you must keep them on your account and spend them while you are an active member. Unspent credits go into the rabbit hole, which means that you remain without them when you take off from the site and decide to test your dating skills somewhere else.

If you get a promotion on at a discounted price, this doesn’t mean that you are getting some awesome great value deal for the money you have saved. At any time, reserves the right to pull away from the promo offer and charge you for the full value of the promotion. We are sure they try to play on the sense of pride of wealthy members who are too embarrassed to seek refunds or some explanations.

Price Tag

  • Costs for a one-year membership is $1,000
  • $0.99 per minute for calls made in the US and Canada,
  • $1.99 per minute for all international calls
  • Verified member profile is $50

Busted or Trusted? 

What is the deal on It’s definitely a rip-off service for average members, but it can be a decent offer for spoiled rich people. Since it is intended for rich people – who knows, maybe you are getting the real deal when you join. Some people seem to be very happy with what’s on offer.

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