Why Do We Know You Need To Steer Clear From Boneamilf.Com?

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It has been a while since we have met with our friends “freelifetime” hookup websites. This site doesn’t do anything else than what they usually do. A very sexy blonde with extensions in her hair seductively stares at the screen and starts undressing, showing her breasts.That’s happening on the registration screen of Some may think she is inviting others, and others that  she is only enticing and fake. Let’s find out what’s the truth, although for the ‘freelifetime” franchise there are no big dilemmas that it’s fraud.


The next on the screen is the prompt to register, where you need to fill in your gender, what you’re looking for and enter your zip code. Then you need to click the search button. Now, what happens next is that this girl is fully undressed and totally naked. You get to another registration screen which has several fields for your email, your username and your password. But if you read more carefully, there is the small box where you are asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions, the email rules the Love Stars and the Privacy Policy. Don’t forget to click these links because you will find the truth about It’s not at all free but it’s a total rip-off.

Why is a Fraudulent Dating Website

The fake profiles with fake pictures engage in fake communication. Next to their names and  photos you can find a symbol which is unified across the platform, containing the capital letters “L” and “S”. This means that you’re doing with fraudster bots.

What’s the Purpose of the Love Stars on

The company created the Love Stars to encourage participation of users on the website, to upgrade fees and to improve the activity. You should know that you can never get a response back from a Love Star. Love Stars are responsible for make-believe responses and for getting fake messages created by computers. This is clearly stated in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ (if you read them!).

Fictitious Bots Created by “Popular” Scammers

From previous reviews you might remember that the Love Stars are fictitious profiles coming out of the lab of Nautell. Nautell Ltd don’t know where to stop with their tricky workings. They continually create fake profiles; and are well-known scammers. it doesn’t surprise us to see them once again on our list of fake hookup sites. Here is a visual proof that this site belongs to Nautell:I don’t think that you will need additional confirmation to stay away from it.

Price Tag

  • $2.97 trial renewing for $39.95 per month
  • 1-Month subscription is $29.95
  • 3-Month cost is $24.95
  • 6-Month subscription is $19.95 per month

Busted or Trusted?

A hot milf taking her clothes off, luring you in into the fraud? Check! Free adult dating promises? Check! We don’t need anything else as a conviction, but if you need to check the site for yourself, go ahead! Try filing out your personal details – once you get to the “I Agree” button and the “Register for Free” button we’re sure that you’re going to take the fast ride out us and find some other place to get laid.

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