Reviews Aren’t Great is a dating service with nice and sexy pictures. Yet, it’s nowhere near as safe as you would expect it to be. Don’t be surprised if many of your hookup nightmares become real on this fraudulent hookup site. A large number of users on get fooled for the same reasons. The naked pictures will make you instantly horny under the belt. Members are open to meeting women on sites for casual sex. Unfortunately, this is not what they expect to find. Overall, is a deceptive dating site with a capacity to become the priority contender for the top place on fake hookup site lists.

Why is a Terrible Dating Fraud?

Even if you don’t have many hours to spend on hookup sites the content on is presented in a simple way. You won’t have difficulties to expose the scam. It is important to mention that this is a Nautell website, just like many other reviews we’ve done before for the same company. Instead of browsing for hours to check the site credibility, you’ll get informed in just a few minutes by reading our detailed review below. 

Here is the first crucial fact you need to pay attention to – uses fabricated profiles called Love Stars to fool users into purchasing upgrades. All details are included in the “Terms and Conditions”, but if you don’t like reading long legal documents, here is the core of what’s implemented there:

  • uses false virtual profiles for entertainment purposes only
  • False profiles send computer-created messages
  • No opportunity for meeting the Love Stars
  • The site accepts no responsibility for the Love Stars activity

Let’s look into these in more detail: is Part of the Nautell Websites

Almost all false websites for one night stands or casual relationships starting with the name “free” belong to the Nautell network. There is a big group of sites associated with them we’ve reviewed so far. We believe that they won’t stop replicating their scam even if we do hundreds of reviews. When you notice similar domain names, you should be 100% sure that you are dealing with a dating scam.

Nautell Trades Your Details with Other Websites

Just perform a search for your profile and you’ll find your details and pictures on other dating sites. This is the usual scamming tactic of all Nautell-related websites:

Other Nautell sites include FreeLifeTimeCheaters, and FreeLifeTimeCasualDates.  It seems they like to use the word “free” in there – possibly to deceive people?

Sent Messages Are Full of Computer-Created Content

Just as the profiles are fake, so are the messages. These texts are made by computers to trick users into thinking that there are real persons behind them:

How Much Does Free Cheating Wives Cost? charges a number of monthly subscriptions at once. Be careful!

  • Subscription to at $49.95 a month
  • Subscription to at $39.61 a month
  • Subscription to at $28.87 a month

Why This FreeCheatingWives Review Proves it’s a Scam

One tour of this site will let you know about all other reviews connected to Nautell.  A famous example is the one that includes

Check that one and the other associated reviews to confirm the lack of integrity and credibility of their business.  If that’s not enough for you, then base your decision on the above reasons. It won’t take long to be convinced that all their work is a total scam with taking the wildest possible proportions!

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