IWantUMilf.com is Totally Fake and Deceptive Selling Cheeky Videos and Cams

Are you in need of some real expert help? If you are interested in getting laid for free on high-quality dating sites with mature women, don’t seek your sex happiness here! The people behind IWantUMilf.com are not some top reputation professionals that can be trusted. Want some help with getting laid? Avoid this site like the plague! We have discovered the company behind it is related to more fraudulent hookup sites. They use similar illegitimate techniques with a number of commercial services.


In terms of true features, the first warning sign is about the company that created IWantUMilf.com. As you can see from the Terms of Use, IWantUMilf.com is produced by Nelfor Services, a company well known for producing multiple casual sex scams. and we have presented several of their fake products by now. When companies with multiple websites are similar, we can’t say that their identity is 100 percent the same link, but it seems so that they do have at least some connection. Let’s find out more.

Why is IWantUMilf.com a Deceptive Hookup Website

To make the communication for its users simple, IWantUMilf.com created a system of custom and promoted messages. Members can use them for situations when they don’t have sexy inspiration to start a chat with other users. Keep in mind that IWantUMilf.com reserves the right to monitor and change the messages sent via this medium. They say the reason behind this is safety. Safety can land you in the land of difficulties when your message looks totally else than what you intended to.

Selling Cam Services and Adult Movies

Typically, fake websites find a way to circumvent the direct responsibility for offerings of commercial nature on dating sites and make third parties seem responsible for these domains. It’s not unusual to find dozens of links that take you to other platforms that have nothing to do with dating. In fact, IWantUMilf.com is used for selling those services:

Third-party Websites Make All This Possible

This practice is not against the rules, but it is unethical. Especially when you register under the conviction that you are providing your personal details and your pictures to one single safe directory, later discovering that you have to keep an eye on multiple duplicate profiles on several search databases and keep getting requests from sites which don’t actually serve your sexual preferences as you do. This is not only unpleasant and irritating but it can also be dangerous.

Price Tag

  • $4.07 to get a 3-day trial version
  • $35.64 to get a 1-month subscription
  • $59.79 to get a 3-month subscription
  • $93.86 to get a 6-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

You won’t find sexy milfs on IWantUMilf.com. When you discover a hookup site similar to this one in design and with features, use it with caution. Take it a step further – the first thing to examine under the circumstances is the main company. If you see the names Nelfor or Bulova in the Terms and Conditions of an adult dating website, you can be almost certain that you are gettig yourslef into a big trouble.

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