UltraHookup.com is the Recent Release of the Age-Old “Love Stars” Scam

If you’ve had it enough of the scams associated with the fake women called “Love Stars” we totally get you. After all, the companies who stand is behind this perpetuating fraud does not have an intention to stop! The only ultra moment you are going to get from UltraHookup.com is the ultra lies and deceits. Stay on your toes at all times while you are testing the site and you’ll evade the tricky scam.


Now, you may know that the Love Stars are a creation of the Nautell network websites. However, Nautell has included an extra cover to hoodwink its fishy businesses. It is now known under another company name – Tralox. Normally, if you don’t know the design and don’t have any previous experience with the scam, you may not notice what’s the drill there. It’s a full-blown copy of the same business, just under different name. Who knows, someone may have really gotten angry with Nautell and exposed them for what they are.

Now the company has put a new name on its business and created a new brand called Tralox. Well, we will be following this closely and stay on the heels to see what else they have in mind.

Why is UltraHookup.com a Fake Hookup App

What else is there?

You Are Pestered to Get an Upgrade by Fake Girls Called Love Stars

How do the Love Stars work their nasty strategy? They are created by computer programs, using fake stock photos, or photos from Instagram models or from adult content movies’ girls. Then, the software includes an extra feature to activate the fake women – automated messages. For sure no one can pull tricks, even if they were real when they are inactive! No worries there, the Love Stars do get active! Perhaps way more active! They start sending one, two, three chats, then they send you a wink, then they start occupying your inbox. They halt only occasionally when you go on checking another girl’s profile. As a general rule, they use the same tactics. You can stay away from them by paying attention to the sign “LS” next to their profile.

Your Credit Card Gets “Preauthorized”: Read – Charged

How about this? We’ve seen methods for checking your credit card that charge small fees, such as half a dollar, but UltraHookup.com is doing the thing full swing. The scam is that they claim they are not charging anything, asking for your card for verification purposes. However, the payment is nonetheless processed. This is something very important to keep in mind when you decide to put your credit card number there. Who’s in the world asks for a credit card for age confirmation? Only fraudsters!

Price Tag

  • $2.97 for a 3-day trial that later costs $39.95 per month
  • $29.95 for a 30-day subscription
  • $74.85 for a 90-day subscription
  • $119.70 for a 180-day subscription

Busted or Trusted?

UltraHookup.com is Nautell’d new baby made under the umbrella of the new brand called Tralox. It didn’t take long for the team of ADP to uncover that it is one and the same business. The fonts and the documents are almost identical. Not to mention the frontpage – 100 percent copied!

1 thought on “UltraHookup.com is the Recent Release of the Age-Old “Love Stars” Scam”

  1. This is one currently advertising to me. ‘Sorry, but we don’t accept JPMORGAN CHASE BANK CARDS. Please try a different card.’ So I used my Target Redcard. ‘Invalid card. Please try another.’ Cypress has been the abyss for me through Wild Buddies/X Milfs/Love Stars/FuckBook/Milfaholics and others. The best site for copy/pasting any and all of my video/photo links is GoogleHangouts.com but they have more members with phony pidgeon English from Ghana-reah and Accra-ne MoneyGram zits than a Clearasil tube could touch-up. I uncovered a porn star, Eva Lovia there after she tried to extort $300 from me. Now don’t you bill me because I didn’t sign up with any credit cards!


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