Punter Planet Review: Escorts In Sidney Australia Or Scam?

Punter Planet review screenshot

I found this Punter Planet review pretty unique. It consists of sections that describe the average content of a paid escort site. But they do it with more flair and, if you are a newbie, you won’t instantly pay attention to some of the dirtier tricks. Punter PLanet is less aggressive than the average escort … Read more

Sin Search Review: Is It A Sin To Use This Site?

Sin Search review screenshot

Sometimes the world of adult work has its own dark corners. That’s what many people call sites such as SinSearch.com. Though I don’t have anything against people doing all sorts of stuff as long as it’s legal, I sure do mind when escort, call girl and dominatrix sites to get listed in the same directories … Read more

AdultWork.com Review

AdultWork.com Review screenshot

I decided to do this AdultWork.com review to clarify some of the confusion for first-time visitors of this adult conundrum. I tackle mostly adult dating sites but when I find a scam gem, I have to give it attention and help my users avoid being duped. After that, if you proceed to use some of … Read more

Browser Star Classifieds Review

Browser Star classifieds screenshot

It wasn’t enough to make Backpage and Bedpage reviews to stop all scams with personals. It looks like I have plenty more work to do in my adult dating site inspection. Sneaky fake profiles slip through the cracks of classifieds sites. You really can’t tell the difference between profiles when they are all listed on … Read more

EscortForumit.xxx Review: Is It Better Than Dating Local Italians? Find Out Now!

EscortForumit.xxx Review screenshot

This Italian escort site came across when I was searching for some international escort agencies to compare them with free hookup sites. As far as escorts and call girls are concerned, this is one of the better local sites, but that’s not what you are looking for. My crew is up for some cost-free adult … Read more

Friday Ad Review: No Real Ads That I Know Of Here

Friday Ad screenshot

What does it take for a UK site to become popular among dating newbies? Call it a site for ads and classifieds and you will see masses of people meeting online to get some good use of the offered content. But – it’s not enough to put the adjective “adult” on a website and make it … Read more

Escort Girls News Review: The Agency Site You Must Avoid!

Escort Girls News screenshot

Now you cannot be safe across the globe. The same deceptive providers of paid sex services are occupying whole world locations from a single website. Dangers have just been multiplied! No city or country is safe with these scammers! The last website that I’m checking today is called Escort Girls News.   I hate it … Read more

Scam Exposed: How is BiggerLover.co.uk Pulling You by the Nose with Misleading Info

BiggeLover.co.uk screencap

When a hookup scam is well known to the team of Adult Dating Patrol, it doesn’t take long to unveil the truth about its workings. This type we are reviewing a site for people for fuller figures. They not always have the chance to meet so many people because they’re not really mainstream. But many … Read more

Another One Bites the Dust: LocalMatureClub.com is a Huge Scam!

LocalMatureClub.com screencap

We meet again with the shenanigans of Festivus Media and their extensive network of scamming adult dating services connected to hookups with older ladies. They have a rich offer of those copycat websites that work with the same fraud method while changing the homepage, the website domain, and some of the side features and colors. … Read more

ForbiddenCrush.com Uses Fantasy Profiles to Create Make-Believe Women

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It doesn’t take a long time to reveal the deceptive ways website networks use to spread their preying claws to innocent new members. After you’ve been collecting experience on rip-off dating sites, the first two or three minutes are usually enough. But if you are a young hookup blood, it’s easy to get duped such … Read more