Hookup Guru Review: Cams Before Dating Scams

Do hookup sites work? What’s the best site for hookups in 2019? What’s the top site to get laid? Are there free hookups apps that are actually free? All good questions to ask by anyone looking to find good dating resources and expose scammers. But searching the web for the truth can be tough work. If all dating site reviews had the same content, it would be easy to avoid scams and fraudulent profiles. As we all know, it takes a decent amount of time to find genuine, good quality adult dating sites. Having access to a variation of hookups site review resources is definitely helpful. Here is an alternative resource what I found out from the feedback report created by other reviewers. Read the Hookup Guru review below to see what others from the industry have to say about casual dating sites.

Sections in HookupGuru.com Reviews

Hookup Guru reviews adult dating websites but has a strong focus on webcam girls. The site is sort of divided into six sections or menus:

1. Adult Dating Sites

I think these reviews are quite decent. The Hookup Guru reviews are written in a similar style to ADP, and include an overview of the most important features, search tools, and rates, providing a final conclusion and rating in numbers which makes it practical for a quick overview. There are some good choices of legit dating sites among the first on the list, But, still, I cannot agree with all listings. Also – user reviews are problematic. So, the Hookup Guru fails in these areas.

2. Adult Webcam Sites

Apart from some general advice, there is no full detailed listing of all best cam sites. As you will see further in this Hookup Guru review, this site is heavily concentrated on the girls, so you’ll get to learn a lot about them. However, there are also some dubious cam site selections, like Stripchat, that doesn’t give me much confidence.

3. Webcam Models

Most of this section is dedicated to instructions about cam girls, teaching them how to behave and earn money. Useful advice for models, but not so useful for users!

4. Blog

Three bloggers run a blogging platform with popular adult dating topic and webcam tips, which can be confusing for people from my audience who are looking to discriminate fake hookup sites from the rest of the paid sites.

5. Girls

Surprise, surprise! This menu looks like Instagram ads where cam models post their pics to gather followers.

Hookup Guru review Instagram girls

So, nothing about how to find regular girls to have sex with or reveal where are the best adult dating domains for regular hookups.

6. Quizzes

You will be playing games like these:

  • Which Adult Dating Site is Right For You?
  • How Good Are You at Webcam Modeling?
  • Are You a Hookup Guru?
  • Webcam Model or a Porn Star?

Nothing too useful for getting laid, just some pretty basic fun to keep you lingering. Okay, maybe you’ll learn something extra about dating sites, but that’s about it!

Conclusion about the Reviews at Hookup Guru

As I mentioned, the Hookup Guru reviews are pretty decent, at least to a great part. But what sucks is too much focus on webcam sites and the model promotion. You won’t find too many tips and tricks about casual meetups. You will, however, find links to cam rooms, which are never free and can cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful.


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