Affiliates with To Steal Your Credit Card Information

Sometimes, fake dating services pull off simple tricks to get your money., for example, uses a totally separate company to make you think that they can go to lengths, when in fact they have no coverage for what they are offering. It becomes clear as a bright day that the site has created a nasty combination to get your credit card details and do the Lord knows what with it.

Why is a Fraudulent Dating Service

It is very obvious that you are facing a scam when you land on this website. For starters, doesn’t have any pictures or documents on the site. Have a look at the front page and decide for yourself how much you can trust them. There are no links or Terms and Conditions docs unless you do a bit of research.

Once you provide an email and fill out your basic details, you get to a new screen that looks like this and includes a link to the site “Terms”.


But, if you try to click on the link, you end up on a non-existent page. We dug a little and ended up on a website called, which has the dubious provisions mentioned in the next two sections.

The biggest problems of are on the second signup screen. The link works its way through, another fake website with fake profiles, but only to ask you for your credit card info.

Without any secure payment os SSL tools set in place, they are asking you to give them the digital key to your online wallet. Now, that’s one simple, yet effective way to scam you; you provide the number and the CVV code, which is more than enough to get seriously burned.

Unreliable Third-Party Service Called Website Content Providers

Here is how protects itself from being accountable for any problems on the site. By transferring all responsibilities to third-party providers, you make them free. However, you will be able to notice them only when you come to the Premier Tube Site and read the provisions there. When it comes to taking responsibility for the partners, doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. But, how the tables turn when it comes to asking for responsible behavior!

Why is This Service Full of Problems

It becomes visible in this paragraph: “Website Content Providers” is the join name for all affiliated providers that post or upload content on

Price Tag

We suggest that you don’t even think of processing a payment on a non-secured website such as this one. It asks for credit card details bluntly. Under the guise of age verification, you need to give a card number and get ripped off!

If you are interested in the fees of the related fraudulent dating site, you can find the details and the specs here:

Busted or Trusted?

 We wouldn’t recommend using even if it was to our worst enemies! The site lack any credibility, making it difficult to find good words in its support. The fact that it uses a blatant lie to get your card number makes it a thousand times worse. This provider cannot be trusted!

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