is a Misnomer: Total Scam with Unsafe Payment Protocols

From time to time adult dating scams are a real trouble, especially when they’re very simple and when they’re not as many features you can get hooked on. This is the way of You see just one basic fraudulent screen asking for your credit card details, without any security support. That is enough to pull you in this insidious scam, nothing else is needed. Let’s find out more about how is this happening.

Why is a Fake Dating Service

I’ve never seen a site that so unsafe, calling itself a safe site. First of all, it doesn’t use any security protocols and still has the courage to ask you about your credit card details. All this is done under the guise of profile verification and age verification, which is just a nasty way to charge you the fee. If you go to the homepage, you’ll see that they have a sleek design with sexy women and they immediately ask you for your personal details.

Fake Credit Card Verification Screen Contains Hidden Charges

By paying a bit more attention you will observe that there is nothing about the site regulations. The majority of sites put the Terms and Conditions, and their Privacy regulations on the front page, warning users about the products that they’re going to get once they sign for the website. However, this detail is missing on

You’re asked to provide a number of personal details, including even your mobile phone, which is a totally unsafe practice to do because, in this way, anyone can retrieve your personal data and even get into your Gmail account.

No Real Terms and Conditions – Just Blank Space!

We are not sure if you are careful about providing your credit card details. Yet you probably know that you shouldn’t give them anywhere where the site format doesn’t include the letter “s” that comes immediately after the HTTP protocol sign. That small “s” is a sign of secure protocols working on the website and that your credit card data cannot be breached. Such missing credentials are just another proof that the site is just a huge scam. You’ll be able to see another proof of that if you check the Terms link on the credit card verification screen. You end up on a blank screen with a totally different domain name called, which has only the ominous internet words “file not found”.

Price Tag

If you give your card details, you will for sure get a charge of at least $30. Consequently, you should like the plague. Don’t test and experiment with your budget on a hookup site that’s so unsafe.

Busted or Trusted?

We believe things are pretty straightforward – terrible scam. We’re also sure that you agree 100%. in the next period, you might see additional reviews following the same pattern.  Let’s hope you will be even more convinced that you should stay away from sites that use this type of scamming their customers.

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