Top 10 False Free Flags in the Casual Hookup Industry

Free-of-charge services are an age-old method to trick new customers. “Give a little, take a little” is a convenient way to create a large army of followers. This is the practice of “false free flags”. However, that is only true if the services the company provides are genuine. When the hookup apps are a part … Read more is Not Free: Hidden Costs Scam Exposed screencap

Let’s go and examine the story of to find out why you will pay more than you expect. This is one of the worst scams that exist on the web because, under the claim of free use, the site is making you pay more than you’ve bargained for, especially if you are not careful … Read more

Can You Get Laid for Free of Only in Your Dreams!

How are things in the online dating world – what’ s going on? If you expected some exciting news I’m sorry I’ll have to disappoint you. The “free false flags” franchise stopped using the word free in front of the dating website. It now uses a permutation of the words – you basically get the … Read more