Real Women Play Hide & Seek on Fake Women Exposed

Things have become so rotten, now you have to watch every step online to protect yourself against frauds. It’s not websites that you have to watch. Now you must keep an eye on apps, too – dangers are lurking from many corners. With you can get into big troubles, both via the website and through the app. Today we will see how the scam works so that you know how to get to the bottom of it and learn the key elements.


No. is by no means authentic. I bet many of you know that even before I tell you. Especially if you are familiar with the fake women profiles called Online Cupids. I just love how these fraudsters give the names to their imaginary girls on hookup sites – Cupids! It’s like the Greek god of love is going to take things into his own hands and turn you into a sex god in an instant! And he is sending his loyal servants the fake girls who have your best NSA dating interests at heart. The reality is that they only care about putting more money into the pockets of

Why is a Deceitful Dating App

Make sure to avoid all first dating attempts on new websites via your smartphone. Way more dangerous than just browsing the website! This is because when you are browsing the mobile platform you never know which features are made in the app stores and which come by default. This can easily result in overcharging.

Fake Women Named “Online Cupids” Rule the Members’ Area

The fabricated women are made by computers and are not related to real women. This is stated in the Terms and Conditions. But – who reads them? Unfortunately, not many people do so and they fall into the traps of fake hookup sites, such as it is Additionally, you’ve probably noticed that the “naughty” word is often placed in names. So, is not the only website with this name. Many of them use the Online Cupids.

No Possibility of Meeting Any of the Sexy Fake Women

The fake profiles send messages to trick you into communication and then stop replying to your own messages when you try to arrange a date. On top of that, you won’t be able to send messages on your side unless you upgrade and get one of the packages for one month or for three months:

Your Details Are Scattered Across Websites & Payment Responsibilities

Two other problematic areas include the abuse of your personal details and the payment responsibility for the unexpected extra fees. Your personal details will be used for the population of the members’ areas on other websites, as well as for sending invitations for new products about the services on other dating websites that are associated with

Price Tag

  • 29.95 for a one-month paid membership
  • $69.00 for a 3-month paid membership

Busted or Trusted?

You shouldn’t go near if you want to get decent hookup prospects. There are so many affordable and genuine dating sites that you really wouldn’t want to lose time or money experimenting with frauds. Even when the subscriptions are not too pricey, try and get the hold of real matching sites. This is not one of them!


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