is Not Free: Hidden Costs Scam Exposed

Let’s go and examine the story of to find out why you will pay more than you expect. This is one of the worst scams that exist on the web because, under the claim of free use, the site is making you pay more than you’ve bargained for, especially if you are not careful and don’t like reading fine details.

Why is a New Addition to the Age-Old “FreeLifeTime” Scam

If you notice the hidden costs, you will not require any more persuasion and conviction that this is a fake site. Yet again, it’s good to know how people fall for that, missing out on the real fun on real dating sites.

Fabricated Profiles Entertain, Cajole, Monitor and Steal Details

The fake women of fraudulent websites have several tasks.

  • First, they are represented by sexy pictures or videos that are attractive to the male gaze.
  • Second, they send flirty messages, making you horny and lowering your resistance.
  • Third, they watch and record what is happening to be able to act in favor of whenever the need arises.
  • Fourth, they use the details from your profile to sell you what you (don’t) need and copy the profile to other sites. Your privacy is down the drain hole. As a matter of fact, if you try to reply to one of their messages, you will get an alert to upgrade. More about that in the next section.


Inevitable Upgrades to Very Expensive Memberships

By now you probably understood that you’re not getting anywhere with the free membership. That it is just a bait to take you to the rip-off land. There, you can choose one of the packages mentioned here and submit your credit card details to process the subscription. However, if you scroll down the screen, you’ll find out that the subscription includes something that you didn’t quite ask for!

Added Services to

It’s not like you needed adult content or paying more for mobile access or for profile highlights, right? Well, to take one hundred dollars per month from you, NUDGES you in the right direction. This way, you pay way more. As you can see from the screenshot below, this is a question of not being vigilant enough. Should you be trusting the site blindly that it has good intentions?

Price Tag

  • A 1-Month subscription to is $29.95
  • Monthly subscription to Mobile Access and Featured Profile is $39.61
  • Subscription to is $29.95

Busted or Trusted? is just a fake commercial service that sells adult content. It is no wonder the opening innuendo is a girl that gets gradually naked on each next screen. At first, she is just boring herself in a thong. Later, she is onto all types of naughty action. It’s easy to fall prey to this site. Hopefully, now you’ve been warned, you’ll save yourself.

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