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Did we just find the pinnacle of male entertainment? Judging by the messages on, we definitely did! The main message is that this website changes the way men search for quality entertainment. There are some nice features on Slixa, but I’m not sure that they’are all genuine. The biggest issue I had with the features of this service is the lack of transparency regarding rates. You can’t tell how much will the girl cost you unless you’re subject to a screening. So I made this Slixa review to discover more about the possibilities of a fun dating life on the platform. Review: Drop Down Menus

Called an entertainment platform, the top entertainment you will get is paying for sugar babes. In a way, you must become a sponsor. Now, I know that there are guys who like to take care of girls, but they are not among my followers. I help users of adult dating sites find the best from the generous and often fraudulent offer. But if you are curious about what happens on escort sites, then stay with me and read further about Here is what I discovered in the drop-down menus:

1. Sponsored Profiles

Nothing much here. Just the regular profiles with hot babes, though I couldn’t find any links to real profiles. The true pics and girls are below, at the bottom of the screen. I guess that the sponsored profiles are just for advertising purposes.

Slixa Review girl profiles

2. Sugar Babies

This title links to “Secret Benefits”, which is a well-known sugar baby platform. In a way, it’s not even an escort site because these platforms can cost you way more than the regular call girl. They have special demands. That’s why they have their own special category. In a nutshell, there are no free dating options on “Secret Benefits”. On the contrary, they are a rip-off.

3. Pay for Play

Again, the link takes you to You need to be prepared to be generous, and by generous, I mean sponsor-level generous!

4. Juicy Blog Titles

In this section, there are some intereseting topics, but I’m not sure if you will find any use of them to amp up your sex life. There are no tips or advice on how to use the site or any other meaningful piece of information that can help you manage your virtual chances to get laid.

Slixa Review blog content

What’s on Slixa Escort Profiles

Girls’ profiles are very hot and there are a lot of images. Here is what you’ll find on a profile:

  • Plenty of pictures, body and face, in different outfits
  • Available locations
  • Range of services
  • Current location

But – nothing about the rates! There are contact details and an explanation of the services, but you’ll have to undergo a screening process to find how much the girl will charge. If this is an exclusive club, it means it will be expensive. Why pay so much when you can date for free? Review Summary

As with any commercial adult dating services that charge for using the features, I’m not a big fan on It has a nice design of the escort section, but that’s about it. You need to be loaded and agree to a cumbersome screening process to make a pick. Too complicated, if you ask me. I’d go for the simpler alternatives, which are also cost-effective. I’m not going to name any today, but for those of you who might be curious as to which should be looked further into, I’ll just go out on a limb and suggest reading this page here

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